What Motivates Our Gestational Surrogates?

March 10th, 2011

ConceiveAbilities welcomes our Guest Blogger Christina F. as a wonderful member of our gestational surrogate pool, we have been so impressed with her level of commitment that we asked her to share with our audience what motivates her to be a carrier. Thank you Christina!

"As a married Labor & Delivery nurse in my late 30s, I can undoubtedly say that two of the best days of my life where the days that my 15 year old daughter and 7 year old son were born. Those are the moments that no woman forgets.

Words can't describe what it's like to see new life brought into the world. My profession allows me to be a part of this very miraculous moment for individuals and couples of all types, everyday. Having such passion about what I do, and not being able to imagine what it must be like to want a child yet not be able to carry one, I decided to become a gestational surrogate. What better gift to give someone than to carry the baby they are so very much wanting.

The service and assistance I've experienced in this process has FAR exceeded my expectations. I not only have an ideal match in my intended parents for me but everyone involved in the process has been right there beside me through this whole process. The road to surrogacy can sometimes have its 'speed bumps' and even then, I've never felt alone and have always been supported.

I look forward with anticipation to all of the pregnancy milestones and even more so to sharing those with my 'intended parents', whom I now feel I can even call my 'friends'. Together, our families will experience the joys of this pregnancy. I plan to keep them informed of every milestone throughout the pregnancy ('first kick', etc...). What will bring the greatest joy to my heart however is the day I see them hold their new baby(ies) for the 1st time. Just thinking of that moment brings tears to my eyes."

-Christina F.