A call to women - stand together for healthcare rights

February 3rd, 2012

This week has seen a flurry of activity in women’s healthcare issues. When the Susan G. Komen Foundation announced on Tuesday that it would end funding to Planned Parenthood for breast cancer screening and breast health education (due, in part, to their new rule that they cannot partner with an organization “under investigation”), it set off a firestorm of controversy.

Today, in a surprising (or is it?) move, the Komen Foundation has announced they are reversing the decision. The intense pushback - from befuddlement to all out fury – no doubt caused this change of heart. While we’re relieved to hear that women around the nation will continue to have easier access to such essential healthcare, we're disheartened.
When two organizations, both claiming to have the best interest for women and their health, are at odds, we all lose. As a company entrenched in reproductive health issues, ConceiveAbilities supports pro-women’s organizations. We were moved by The State of the Uterus, a piece by Keiko Zoll of Hannah Wept, Sarah Laughed. As a powerful voice in the infertility community, Zoll once again reminds us that women must stand together when it comes to our bodies and our rights. “What matters is that every woman in this country deserves equal access to healthcare,” she says. "YOU matter...women's health matters."

It is essential to support one another, regardless of status, title, or political views. Will you stand up for the basic rights all women deserve? Will you honor the hurdles crossed not only by this generation, but by the generations of amazing women before us? Women who paved the way for the incredible advancements we often take for granted? The challenge doesn't end here - we can’t back down now.