A Fathers-To-Be Day Salute

June 17th, 2011

When a couple is faced with infertility, the primary focus is almost always the woman. And understandably so – she is the one going through treatment. She is taking injections, riding the rollercoaster of hormones and then, hopefully, becoming pregnant and giving birth.

But rarely does the other part of the equation factor in – the father-to-be. While his role may be less obvious, it is no less important. He is attending the appointments, listening, assisting with the injections, waiting just as anxiously during those interminable 2 weeks. He is the support, and his role is crucial.

As we celebrate Father’s Day this weekend, we want to acknowledge the men who are just as involved in this long, emotional process. We honor the single men, and partners in same-sex relationships who want nothing more than to be fathers. The route is just as difficult and can often present its own challenges. We are grateful for the men involved – their unique perspective reminds us that dads-to-be are just as excited and committed to building their families, and that is truly something to celebrate.