Additional Surrogate Compensation

February 26th, 2019
Additional Surrogate Compensation

Some of the most common questions about surrogacy understandably center around compensation. How much do surrogates get paid, and how is compensation determined? While surrogates in the United States can expect a standard payment, she may be eligible for additional surrogate compensation as well. We’ll explore who receives it, when and why to create a clearer picture of the generous surrogate compensation package at ConceiveAbilities.

What is the compensation average?

While payment amounts do vary, the majority of reputable surrogacy agencies offer a package between $24,000 to $45,000. With ConceiveAbilities, however, most first-time surrogates can anticipate generous surrogate mother pay ranging between $44,000-$55,000 and increasing according to individual circumstances. Our repeat surrogates can earn up to $62,000. It’s a reflection of our rigorous screening process, and our belief that a remarkable choice deserves recognition.

There are a multitude of factors impacting surrogate compensation, such as:


Surrogates from certain states are in greater demand, whether it’s due to distance or the legal landscape. Each state has different laws regarding surrogacy, and some are more surrogate-friendly. High-demand states include California, Colorado, Connecticut, Illinois, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Nevada, Oregon and Pennsylvania. Surrogates in these states will receive at least $55,000. Our acceptance team can explain in more detail how your location will impact your compensation package.

Experienced surrogates

Women who have already completed a surrogacy journey are part of an elite group and earn appropriate compensation. Experienced surrogates are highly encouraged to apply to receive additional compensation and can be eligible to receive up to $10,000 in additional pay.

Singleton or multiples

If a surrogate is carrying multiples, she will receive additional monthly payments and reimbursements totaling $8,000.

Additional surrogate compensation breakdown

Surrogates in the U.S. can expect compensation, but that doesn’t tell the whole story. A ConceiveAbilities surrogate will receive additional compensation for the specific aspects that make her match unique.

Pre-pregnancy payments totaling $5,000 set us apart from other agencies and allows significant freedom and convenience for a surrogate. Our compensation schedule is broken down into specific milestones, with total pre-pregnancy payment earned upon embryo transfer.

Pregnancy payments and reimbursements are earned monthly to cover a surrogate’s miscellaneous expenses, which may include:

  • Maternity clothes
  • Childcare and housekeeping after embryo transfer (while restricted to bed rest by the fertility center)
  • Meals, gas, mileage, and parking while traveling
  • Childcare for medical/legal appointments and support group attendance
  • Over-the-counter vitamins/supplements

Additional surrogate compensation eligibility

Surrogates may also undergo medically necessary procedures during the pregnancy or delivery. A surrogate is eligible for additional compensation for procedures including but not limited to:

  • Amniocentesis or CVS (per fetal sac)
  • Termination or D&C after delivery or miscarriage
  • C-section
  • Blood transfusion
  • Any procedure requiring general anesthesia

If a surrogate agrees to pump breast milk at the parents’ request, she will also receive a generous weekly stipend of $350, plus reimbursement for shipping and supplies. Committing the time and effort to this additional endeavor is truly appreciated by the new parents and deserves appropriate compensation.

Each surrogate compensation package is unique, the details of which are used to draft the legal agreement between a surrogate and intended parents.

Is surrogate compensation taxable?

Yes, any earned income is taxable. While various states and countries may view surrogate compensation differently, we believe that we are at a point where there must be a widely-understood and adhered-to standard at every stage of the process. ConceiveAbilities encourages each gestational carrier to speak with her tax professional about her individual situation.

While the financial reward is certainly a perk of surrogacy, the real honor comes from helping to create family. To learn more about how to become a surrogate with ConceiveAbilities, take the first step today.