ASRM Expel’s Fertility Physician at Center of Octomom Saga


I’m just back from the annual ASRM conference and have some good information from the event that I’ll be sharing in the next few days.

First, though, I just wanted to take a quick moment to acknowledge the ASRM for its recent decision to expel the physician at the center of the “Octomom” story.

In case there are one or two people in America not familiar with this story, Nadya Suleman (dubbed Octomom) reported that Dr. Michael Kamrave of Beverly Hills implanted six embryos in her uterus last year. That exceeds national guidelines for a woman of her age. However, the ASRM based this decision not solely on his work with a single patient, but his type of practice over the last several years.

The situation (and media circus that surrounded it) brought to the forefront a lot of questions around IVF and other advanced reproduction treatments and ethical boundaries for both medical professionals and intended parents. As a self-regulated industry, we have to hold ourselves and our contemporaries to the highest ethical standards and that is exactly what the ASRM did this week when it voted Dr. Kamrava out of the organization.

What are your thoughts? - Nazca