Celebrating an ART Milestone

October 18th, 2013

As we conclude a week of sharing research and ideas at the IFFS/ASRM Annual Meeting, we also celebrate an incredible milestone: 5 millions babies have been born with the help of Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART).

The International Committee of the Monitoring of Assisted Reproductive Medicine (ICMART) shared these findings at the meeting in Boston earlier this week, and revealed an even more impressive stat: of the 5 million babies born, about 2.5 million of them were born in the past six years.

"The number of babies born through ART is now about the same as the population of a U.S. state such as Colorado, or a country such as Lebanon or Ireland. This is a great medical success story," shared Richard Kennedy, an IFFS board member.

From an agency perspective, we have experienced first hand the boom in the number of intended parents building their families with the help of gestational surrogates and egg donors. As the science becomes more and more concise and the statistics improve at rapid speed, it's become a source of hope for people dealing with infertility. The jump in the past 5 years of so represents a social shift as well - the stigma of IVF, surrogacy and egg donation is lessening as more and more people know someone who's utilized these resources. The m And with guidance from a strong team - a reputable agency, knowledgeable attorneys, mental health professionals and clinics - the process is made as smooth as possible for everyone involved. To learn more about the services ConceiveAbilities provides to patients seeking ART for family building, contact us!