Charee's Journey: Part 2


*In the first part of Charee's journey to become a surrogate mother, she was waiting to see if all the months of decision-making, background-checking and screening would result in a match with intended parents. Her story continues here:

  • I remember seeing their sweet faces on my computer and all of this...this passion, this vision, this journey...became real. This was a real couple, with a dream of growing their family, and they entrusted do that. I was on top of the world!

After our interview with each other (which was filled with telling each other about ourselves, our jobs, our passions, our families, etc.) I was in love! But were they?

The director and I touched base shortly after and it was a MATCH! We were going to do this! I was then assigned a match manager with ConceiveAbilities who would help facilitate thereafter. They know what they are doing - she's been a saving grace!

Now that we were matched, we had to undergo some medical workups with their fertility clinic. That was 1100 miles away, so my husband and I flew there. It was like a mini vacation and we got to visit a city and state we had never been to before! We both had some vials of blood taken for numerous testing and I had an ultrasound and a "mock" transfer to make sure things would run smoothly for the real deal. All good. NEXT...

Our next hurdle was legal workup. No hurdle, really, but lots of dotting i's and crossing t's had to be done. There was so much I had never thought about, which is why I'm so glad we had ConceiveAbilities as a facilitator to get the lawyers what they needed. From the beginning, I stalked my phone and emailed like a mad woman, but this was the last thing in the making, so I was REALLY stalking. When the email came in, I totally freaked. This was it. Now I can speak to my Intended Parents on my own! I can text them! I can send them selfies! (Just kidding about that last part, but I could!)

We immediately started texting and the rest is history.

All ducks were in a row and time had come for our first transfer. I got a calendar of medications and I was ready to start prepping my body for this embryo that awaited! I learned quickly how to pinch up some skin on my tummy and stick in the micro needle of the first round of meds. I did this for a few weeks, and took some oral meds along with some tummy patches, and then it was time for the hip shots. I left those up to my husband. He showed great courage, as did I for allowing him to do so!

A hand with a bracelet in the sunlight
*Fertility beads, given to me by my Intended Mom, headed to transfer *
Pineapple socks
*Pineapple socks, given to me by my ConceiveAbilities surro-sister!*

The details of our first transfer were amazing, until the end when we had a negative blood test. We all grieved, of course, and my ConceiveAbilities family was there along with us. But we re-grouped, pulled together, and made a plan for the upcoming future - an egg retrieval. The first time was an already retrieved frozen embryo, so my Intended Mother would retrieve and see what we could get this time.

The process was long and a few things were delayed, but that's the nature of the body. When the time did come, we were all ready for this happen! This was such a time of trust, loyalty, love, honor and commitment. It's a journey!

We soon got a calendar and the meds started, and before we knew it, we were back on a plane! Each time we flew out, we have been able to meet up with our Intended Parents and chat, hug, share stories, and be there for support. They are the BEST and always hold my family in high regard. I want to give them this gift. I want to share stories of the pregnancy as if it were she herself carrying. And I want to see their faces in the hospital, when their baby is born.

The transfer was beautiful. I'm anxious to see just how beautiful the rest of the journey is – and I plan to update it for ya'll so be on the lookout! (Told you I'd get "ya'll" in there one way or the other!)

Charee smiling while pregnant
*Headed back to Sweet Home Alabama with the two pumpkins!*