ConceiveAbilities attends Mad Scientist Ball 2013


ConceiveAbilities was honored to attend Saturday’s Mad Scientist Ball in Denver. The event, which benefits the National Foundation for Fertility Research (NFFR), is an annual celebration of the efforts by so many for progress in reproductive medicine. This year's Ball raised $172,000 for fertility research! Special guests Giuliana and Bill Rancic shared their personal story of conquering infertility and breast cancer, successfully welcoming their son Duke via gestational surrogate.

NFFR, a non-profit, publicly-funded research collaborative, was the brain child of world-renowned fertility specialist Dr. William Schoolcraft. According to their studies, 1.1 million women undergo fertility treatment every year - and the demand for information has only gotten louder. As ConceiveAbilities approaches 2 decades in the industry, we have been witness to the incredible progress already made in ART and are proud to support ongoing research.  It was a true privilege to join our friends and colleagues to celebrate how far we’ve come and the exciting future for family building.

For more information about the research and how you can contribute to the efforts of NFFR, visit