ConceiveAbilities expands its Surrogacy Program to include Florida, Ohio, Maryland, and More

November 21st, 2013

ConceiveAbilities, one of the nation’s premier surrogacy agencies, is pleased to announce the expansion of its multifaceted program to several new locations around the country.

Having successfully guided gestational carriers, egg donors and intended parents through third party reproduction in our home state of Illinois since 1996, the agency has experienced a dramatic increase in the demand for services nationwide. The need for quality, well-screened surrogate mothers in a variety of regions including Minneapolis, Minnesota, Birmingham, Alabama, Las Vegas, Nevada and Milwaukee, Wisconsin, has led the dynamic program to increase recruitment and build a strong pool of surrogacy candidates across the nation who are responsible, dedicated and thoroughly screened.

As laws and regulations for surrogacy evolve and change at a rapid pace in states like Nevada, Wisconsin and Minnesota, ConceiveAbilities remains dedicated to its place at the forefront of research and education. The agency is proud to support and serve gestational carriers in Illinois, Colorado, Texas, Massachusetts, Wisconsin, Maryland, Florida, Nevada, Ohio, Minnesota, Oregon and Alabama. Because the program offers exceptional screened candidates from surrogacy-friendly states, ConceiveAbilities is able to provide the best possible match for intended parents from all parts of the U.S. and around the world.

With a staff that includes former gestational carriers, egg donors and intended parents, ConceiveAbilities has a unique level of personal experience and insight guiding the company philosophy. For more information about this dynamic program, visit or call 877-201-7211.