Day of Hope: All Babies Are Miracles


In the field of reproductive technology, it's easy to get caught up in tests, exams, injections, and medical jargon. But a world that could easily be cold and sterile, the ultimate goal is a healthy baby and complete family. In spite of all the heartbreak, hope is kept alive. Infertility is often marked by loss, and it takes great strength to keep hope alive in moving forward.

August 19th is Day of Hope, which keeps the babies who are lost during this journey alive in the hearts of the people who loved them. It encourages us to celebrate the tiny lives who were so desperately wanted, and encourages hopeful parents to persevere.

It's about coming together as a whole community to speak openly about these children and honor their short lives. Each year, thousands of people around the globe take part in Day of Hope by hanging prayer flags and sharing images on their blogs and social media to remind their friends and family about the babies they lost but deeply love.