Donor Network Alliance Grows to 5,000 Egg Donor Profiles


As a founding member, I’m so proud to announce that the Donor Network Alliance (DNA) has reached the 5,000 in the number of registered donors in this national donor database. DNA is an unprecedented affiliation of leading U.S. egg donor agencies who have consolidated their egg donor profiles in a single Web site, making the egg donor search easier for intended parents, and giving agencies greater exposure to a larger number of prospective clients.

I think we’ve continued to see this kind of growth because it really does provide an alternative to a fairly cumbersome and disjointed process of selecting prospective egg donors. Intended Parents can source both a donor and a reputable agency easily, efficiently and safely with DNA. This has become even more important to Intended Parents looking for a greater sense of confidence in this complex process, especially as we exit a year marked by unsavory agency practices and sensational media coverage. We hope that DNA and all of its participants continue to deliver that confidence.