Egg Donor Registry Discussion at ASRM

November 2nd, 2009

One of the more interesting (and perhaps controversial) topics discussed at this year’s ASRM conference was around the creation of a National Gamete Donor Registry. As the numbers of children born as a result of gamete, or egg, donors continues to climb, the idea of a registry for all donors will continue to gain interest and momentum. As these children reach the age of majority, the discussion had focused on best practice applications for having a national repository for donor information and the potential to have donors update their evolving medical information throughout their lives.

Clearly, there are some thorny issues surrounding this topic, such as the right to medical privacy on behalf of the donor, or the opposing but equally compelling argument about the right to inherent genetic information on behalf of the person conceived of donor gametes. Given those and other issues, I personally do not see logistical or ethical compromise on this issue any time soon. For now, those involved in the industry must continue to apply best practice guidelines regarding informed consent and the potential for future disclosure. What do you think about this topic?