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Egg Donor Financial Guarantee Program

January 12th, 2011 Category: ConceiveAbilities News
Egg Donor Financial Guarantee Program

Since 1996 ConceiveAbilities has been a pioneer, offering extraordinary services to help realize intended parents’ dreams of building a family. We understand that sometimes there can be financial stress related to pursuing egg donation. To help protect your finances during this process we are introducing a financial guarantee program just for egg donation called FUNDAMENTALSTM.

Designed to maximize our clients’ chances for success, FUNDAMENTALSTM provides peace of mind by minimizing the financial loss of an unsuccessful egg donor cycle. Under FUNDAMENTALSTM, if one of pregnancy’s major milestones is not achieved (an ultrasound at or around 20 weeks showing a viable pregnancy) after utilizing all of the eggs and embryos from the donor, the intended parents are entitled to a full refund of this program free. With this innovative approach to our egg donor program, we hope that more intended parents will have the chance they deserve start growing their family.

FUNDAMENTALS<sup>TM</sup> by ConceiveAbilities

If you are interested in our financial guarantee program please contact us to learn more about FUNDAMENTALSTM. We will guide you through every step of the process with unparalleled support. With this creative financial program, we hope to make egg donation less daunting by offering assurance that you will have considerable funds to use even if an egg donor attempt is unsuccessful.

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