Friday Round Up 22


ConceiveAbilities is keeping you up-to-date on the latest news in the busy, burgeoning world of infertility. Below, a round up of this week’s need to know stories:

From's Get Rid of the Secrecy in Donor-Conceived Families

From Chicago Tribune:Advice from Two Pros: How to Navigate the Holidays With An Infertility Diagnosis

From Boston WBUR:The New Fertility Frontier: A Child With Three Biological Parents

From The Times UK:IVF gene test could double success rate

From Bio News:Every step of IVF affected by woman's age

From TIME:Men's Fertility Should Be Scrutinized Too


And in ConceiveAbilities news?

This week brought the best gifts imaginable - 3 positive pregnancy tests and the news of twins for one thrilled set of Intended Parents!