Friday Round Up 3

June 7th, 2013

ConceiveAbilities is keeping you up-to-date on the latest news in the busy, burgeoning world of infertility. Below, a round up of this week's need to know stories.

The Daily Beast/Newsweek questioned the ethics of embryo banks: Embryos for Sale! And be sure to check out our take on the ethics of selling embryos

Major controversy surrounding the Louisiana surrogacy bill from Louisiana Uses Surrogacy Reform to Attack Gay Rights

More on the bill from The Advocate: Governor faces tough decision with surrogacy bill

From the National Post in Canada: Fertility doctors get new guidelines on maximum number of embryos to transfer

A piece from International Fertility Law Group: New Nevada law offers security for Intended Parents and Gestational Carriers

From RTE News Ireland: State to challenge landmark surrogacy ruling


And in ConceiveAbilities news?

An intended parent/surrogate pair was so perfectly matched they've decided to go for Baby Round Two together!