Friday Round Up 37


ConceiveAbilities is keeping you up-to-date on the latest news in the busy, burgeoning world of infertility. Below, a round up of this week’s need to know stories:

From ABC News: New Fertility Treatment Legalizes "3-Parent Babies"

From The Recorder: Court Agrees to Review Caps on Egg Donor Fees

From KSAT San Antonio: Defenders examine business side of surrogacy, donors

From NJ Senate approves bill expanding definition of surrogate parenting

From RSC Bay Area: Three-Person Babies Could Save Lives

And in ConceiveAbilities news? It's been a wonderfully busy week for Team Baby - we welcomed new surrogate Keely, Jaci and Alison celebrated positive pregnancy tests, Stacie delivered a beautiful baby girl, and we're sending good vibes and sticky thoughts to Lacey on today's embryo transfer!