From our family to yours - Happy Thanksgiving!

November 28th, 2013

In what has become a November tradition, every day of the month we have been reflecting on something we’re thankful for at ConceiveAbilities (“Like” us on Facebook to see the full list). We can’t help but take a little time time to count our many blessings this past year.



As our program continues to flourish, and the surrogacy program expands to include even more surrogacy-friendly states, it was clear that the ConceiveAbilities family needed to grow as well. We added two new intake coordinators to our staff, as well as two case managers in our Denver office. And, while we’re certainly all friends here, it was decided that they shouldn’t have to sit on one another’s laps - it was time to expand! Earlier this month, our Denver office relocated to a big, beautiful new space. It will provide plenty of room for regular consults, as well as support groups for our intended parents and surrogates. We look forward to welcoming you to our new location in the new year!

It was a year filled with progress in both state and national legislation. More and more states are developing surrogacy-friendly laws that give specific regulations and protections for all parties involved. It’s promising to see our leaders recognize the need for firm guidelines in third party reproduction. And, in a major step for families just a few weeks ago, we were thrilled when our home state of Illinois became the 16th state to legalize same-sex marriage. It is so refreshing to see love rule, and we’re excited for all of the families who will now be legally recognized. We realize there are some specific challenges and continue to work with the community for a smoother, well-informed journey.


Building a family through egg donation and surrogacy is rarely easy. But the perseverance we witness every day is something we are truly thankful for. The intended parents - and their surrogates - who persist even when it doesn’t work the first (or second, or third...) time is an inspiration. And it is the ultimate blessing when it eventually pays off. We were all so excited to welcome a very special little girl just a couple of weeks ago - her surrogate and intended parents had been working together for nearly three years. They refused to give up until she arrived - and their unwavering hope represents all of the things we are so thankful for.


From the ConceiveAbilities family to yours, cheers to a warm, tasty, and hopeful Thanksgiving!