Guest Post - My ‘Surro’ity Sisters


This is a guest post from one of our surrogate all-stars, Kristina. She is on her second surrogacy journey after having delivered a beautiful little boy in December 2011 - she's expecting twins for her Intended Parents in the spring!

The bonds that form between ConceiveAbilities surrogates are like nothing else I’ve ever experienced. More than once I have looked at a fellow surrogate and been in utter awe of the amazing and indescribable connection we have. Our friendship and the friendships that all ConceiveAbilities surrogates have with each other didn’t and don’t begin or develop over 4 years at college, nor are we lifelong childhood friends. Instead these friendships grow over the course of a year or two as we each individually embark on a journey to carry and deliver a miracle into our Intended Parent’s arms.

Away from home and out of state for an embryo transfer in July, I found myself surrounded by this great group of girls. You would never have known that I had not met many of them in person before, only having known them from the support system that ConceiveAbilities provides to its surrogates. On this particular evening, we talked and shared and laughed for hours. There was no hesitation, no moments of silence, no awkwardness. It was a night none of us will forget anytime soon - a night out with our ‘surro’ity sisters.