In giving, the surprising ways we receive


Tis the season to give. December 3rd has even been designated “Giving Tuesday” in social media circles - a reminder of the many charitable organizations who rely on our support but may get lost in the holiday shuffle.

We think about gifts on the regular this time of year - mostly the tangible kind that we battle the crowds for (or, blessedly, can now click and ship), wrap in pretty paper, and watch with our own anticipation as the recipient tears open. There is satisfaction in giving, and that’s a beautiful thing.

Whether it’s a physical gift, a donation, volunteering, or offering support, giving feels good. And there’s evidence to support that it’s good for us too! Studies are showing that giving actually boosts physical and mental health - things like less depression, higher self-esteem, lower stress levels, and greater happiness are all associated with giving through social support. Giving actually stimulates a pathway in the brain, releasing endorphins and creating what one study referred to as the “helper’s high.”

The truth in this is something we see every day through the gifts from our egg donors and gestational carriers. We always say there is no greater gift a woman can give, and they agree wholeheartedly. The gift of hope - and of life - is unlike any other. And what always amazes us is that these women say that in the giving, they also receive. The things they learn about themselves, their families, and the knowledge that they’ve helped another person in such an intimate way to achieve a dream is like nothing else.

While we can’t all be surrogates and egg donors, we all have gifts to give. In this holiday season, we encourage you to benefit from the helper’s high. And if one of those gifts is through the generous act of surrogacy or egg donation - ConceiveAbilities would be happy to help you through your journey!