Join the Movement!



Today kicks off National Infertility Awareness Week - and it's our opportunity to show how strong this community is. Through education and determination, those of us at the forefront have the responsibility to help others understand the significance of the disease. And it is, in fact, a disease. Without proper care and funding, the rates continue to increase. But the isolation doesn't have to continue. The insensitivity can be diminished. That's what this week is all about.

Visit All things Conceivable all week to read personal stories, share triumphs, and learn ways you can help the people in your life understand a complex, sensitive topic. Not sure where to start? Resolve.orghas compiled an array of educational opportunities around the country - our own support group is included on Saturday, April 27th in Denver.
So check out the list. Find some events in your area, and spread the word. Join the movement with us in the fight for infertility awareness.