NIAW Day 6 - Seek support



As we've explored infertility awareness this week, one of the prominent reminders is the need for support. Infertility is an incredibly isolating experience for most - no one likes talking about their struggle. No one would choose to fight this battle. But honesty begets honesty, and many find that when they share their story, a whole network of comrades opens up.


At ConceiveAbilities, we talk to so many intended parents who find that it's like a floodgate when they finally have someone to listen. It seemed only natural to connect them in a safe, honest environment led by a professional who has been there herself. We are thrilled to announce the first support group being held for intended parents to discuss the emotional aspects specifically related to gestational surrogacy.  Intended parents often report feelings like fear, loss of control, excitement, anticipation, and sadness...all at the same time!  This group allows parents-to-be to discuss these issues with others who "get it." Group leader  and ConceiveAbilities' Director of Surrogacy Deb Levy, MA, LPC, had her own children via the help of a gestational surrogate, and she can help couples explore all the aspects - emotional and logistical - about this path to parenthood.


We invite you to join us tomorrow - Saturday, April 27th - at our Denver office. For more information and to register, please contact