NIAW Day 7 - Resolve to advocate



As National Infertility Awareness Week comes to an end, our mission is just beginning. It's up to all of us who have been impacted by infertility to educate and inform the people in our lives - including medical and legal professionals as well as our legislators - about the realities of the disease. It's in the support we provide, the sensitivity we show, and the encouragement we give every day. And it can also be in your participation: RESOLVE's 2013 Advocacy Day is May 8th in Washington DC.

By meeting with U.S. Senators and Representatives face-to-face, the goal is to ensure that the voice of the infertility community is heard. Your elected officials need to understand the needs of those trying to build a family - and you can be one to educate them!

For more details and to register, visit Together, we can make a difference.