Open To The Unexpected: Egg Donor Selection

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## Finding An Egg Donor

One of our most experienced egg donor professionals recently shared a story of a Japanese couple with whom she had worked with several years ago. She stated that like most of our Japanese clients, this couple was originally interested in finding a Japanese egg donor. However, the couple chose to work with a donor of Irish heritage.

Initially, our egg donor professional found the couple's selection a little surprising, as there were several Japanese donors available at the time. Two donors nearly satisfied every qualification and attribute that the couple had initially requested.

Having built up a nice rapport with the couple, our egg donor professional was curious to learn why they had chosen her over their original preference.

Why Some Couples Choose Specific Egg Donors

The couple happily shared that they were so touched by this particular donor's essays, specifically the way in which she spoke about her family, that they could not imagine selecting any other woman as their donor. Her love of family and the tenderness she had for them was so relatable to the couple that they knew that she was "the one".

According to our intake specialist, Hillary Marten, this is not as uncommon as one might think. Marten has been with ConceiveAbilities since 2013, and she has noticed this trend for some time. Many clients ultimately find a detail in an egg donor’s profile that speaks so directly and intimately to them, that they can not pass up an opportunity to work with that donor. This happens even when most of our clients know exactly what they want from a donor.

Additional Information

We hope that if you are searching for an egg donor, the above accounts might inspire you to keep an open mind to the meaningful details found in an otherwise unlikely profile. And if you have found yourself feeling an intense connection with a donor who is not at all "your type," you are not crazy, and you are not alone. It happens, and we hope you go with your heart.

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