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November 24th, 2016 Category: Surrogacy

What Not To Say To A Surrogate

Surrogacy utilizes modern medical technology, so it comes as no surprise that many are still wrapping their heads around the concept. Especially for some men, the surrogacy experience can be ...
November 24th, 2016 Category: Surrogacy

Why I’m Thankful for Surrogacy

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Why We’re Thankful for Surrogacy At ConceiveAbilities we are thankful for the opportunity to build families and change lives-- for the better. This holiday season we are on a mi...
November 17th, 2016 Category: Surrogacy

Cambodia Bans Commercial Surrogacy

Cambodia is the most recent country to ban commercial surrogacy this year after the government issued a proclamation in late October. Cambodia is the third Southeast Asian country to ban ...
November 16th, 2016 Category: Surrogacy

The Celebrity Influence on Surrogacy

Surrogacy has made considerable progress in the past twenty years from a medical and legal perspective. For some states like Illinois, gestational surrogacy was only legally protected in the past ...
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