Sarah’s Surrogacy Journey


Sarah recently completed her role as a surrogate and took some time to reflect on the process. We are honored to have her guest blog with thoughts about the surrogate mother process - what a beautiful journey!

It's very hard to express the emotions that this process has uplifted within me, but I will do my very best at describing what I feel has been a monumental part of our lives.

This journey of surrogacy has become so much more than helping another family achieve the dream of becoming parents. It has changed my view of the world, the love for my children, and the utter awe and amazement I feel towards the man I
married. My children never cease to amaze me, but this process has changed them and shown them a side of the world that most never see. They are sharing this gift of giving and love and have been so connected in it.

(quote: Words can't express how impressed I've been with this agency. They have been incredibly thorough and truly care about providing an optimal experience to each and every one of their surrogates and intended parents. author: Sarah, Surrogate Mother block: yes)

My husband has stood by my side and has been my number one supporter even though, at times, he was concerned for my well being. He has grown to love this family as well. He showed me yet again, through transition of pregnancy to birth, that we make the strongest team. He has coached me through not only the birth of our two children, but through the delivery of someone else's as if it
were his own. His beautiful soul is so very evident to me at the moment. I am so peaceful in knowing that he is everything I need and so much more.

To the family in which we shared this special gift. Beginning as complete strangers that transcended in to a bond so strong we are now family. To share a part in something so fundamental yet so very intimate with another couple has forever changed us in a way that is indescribable.

The support and love that was shown to me by all of my family and friends was truly life changing as well. To know that so many care for you and are willing to do whatever it takes to help make you happy and know you are so deeply loved.

To the priceless friendships I have made through ConceiveAbilities. How amazing it has been to share the ups and downs, knowing that there are others in this world sharing this rare and precious gift.

Most importantly, I am so thankful to God for the opportunity to serve Him in away that I believe he called me to do. This is something I was meant for and left a better woman because of it.