Surrogacy: A "trend" for working women?

October 26th, 2011

Whether the topic is contraception, abortion or different aspects of assisted reproduction, women have been fighting for the right to make the decisions about their own bodies for years. It seems to me that how, when and why we choose to build our families falls into that same category – a decision women fight to make about their own bodies.

A story recently reposted to the Huffington Post (originally posted on asks whether surrogacy is “becoming a trend for the high-powered career woman,” and shares various opinions on how, when and why women choose to build their families. How is this any different?

The reasons hopeful parents work with surrogates are many and varied, but the choice to do so is just that – a choice. And with so many recent threats to women’s reproductive health options, it is a choice that must be protected.

Why do others – experts or not - have the right to weigh in on this very personal decision? Have we really come such a long way? We’d love to hear your thoughts.