Surrogacy Case Coverage Doesn’t Tell Whole Story


I’d like to argue the old adage that all publicity is good publicity. As I discussed in my last entry, the extremely unfortunate surrogacy cases recently playing out in Michigan and New Jersey continue to command headlines. Last week, the Wall Street Journal ran a story called Surrogacy Battles Expose Uneven Legal Landscape popup: yes. While I certainly can’t disagree with the premise that favorability of surrogacy laws varies widely throughout the U.S., the approach to mainstream media coverage of this industry continues to frustrate me.

I guess I understand that the few unfortunate outcomes seem more interesting to some than the greater majority of positive surrogacy outcomes, but the media continues to leave out possibly the most important view – that of the real and participating players in this complex and self-regulated industry.

Although the legal scholars and think tanks quoted in this article bring a very well-educated and informed perspective, they should include the perspective of reputable agencies and other professionals literally in the thick of this on daily basis. I think all of them would tell you that many (if not all) of the well-established surrogacy requirements and industry protocols put in place to protect all parties in a surrogacy relationship were tossed aside in this case, as well as all of the others that have made headlines recently.

Check out the article and share your perspective. –Nazca