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Surrogacy Comes Full Circle

November 7th, 2013 Category: Surrogacy

Talk about paying it forward!

Surrogacy Comes Full Circle

We were blown away by this week's story about a 29-year-old Oregon woman who was a recently gave birth as a gestational surrogate. What makes this incredible gift extra special? She was born via surrogate herself!
While it's unclear if this is the first instance of a surrogate baby becoming a surrogate, it is certainly a newer development in the world of third party reproduction. As Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) celebrates more than 3 decades of success, we will likely hear more similar stories. It's understandable that children born with the help of surrogates and egg donors would feel the desire to help others create life in much the same way theirs was. What an incredible legacy, and a testament to the eternal gift these women give.

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