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Team Baby takes on Texas

October 10th, 2014 Category: Surrogacy

As our team continues to grow, ConceiveAbilities is pleased to introduce our newest staff member – this time from the great state of Texas! As a licensed therapist, Julie Parkin, MS, LMFT works with intended parents, surrogates and egg donors through the third-party reproduction process. Her passion for working in this field derives from her own experience – after her journey through infertility, Julie built her family using assisted reproductive technology. Her compassionate approach to the process makes her a trusted resource; as a professional member of Resolve, she also facilitates monthly support groups and will be a guide to our growing group of surrogates in the south.

She and Deb Levy, our Director of Surrogacy, recently hosted a special support group dinner in Dallas. We look forward to even more opportunities to connect and support our local Texas surrogates!


Dallas Support Group Dinner
Dallas Support Group Dinner Image 2
Dallas Support Group Dinner Image 3


Dallas Support Group Dinner Image 4


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