Finding hope to be a parent at all times, especially now

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Perhaps you have been striving for years now to become a parent. You’re eyeing another Mother’s Day and Father’s Day on the horizon. You’ve gone through all the steps on the fertility journey and have determined that surrogacy is the right answer for you to have a biological child of your own. And, here we are in the middle of a global pandemic that brings an even more acute desire for a family. But, another delay?

At ConceiveAbilities, we are experts at helping you find a path through challenges, no matter how seemingly insurmountable, to reach success: taking home your baby. While current circumstances are daunting, no doubt, we’re already helping many couples and individuals continue with their journey. We’re happy to share how.

Where Does The Journey with ConceiveAbilities Start? At Home

Taking a view of the entire journey, see that you can begin your journey now with ConceiveAbilities to be on schedule for a delivery in Summer / Fall 2021, long after the current crisis abates.

"Matching Timeline"

During our introductory call with you, we’ll hear about you and your story. And we’ll share ours with you, including our nearly 25 years of family building success with our stand-out-surrogate community, our partnership with best-in-class fertility centers, and unrivaled success rates of bringing home babies. Many on our team were surrogates themselves and can share their first-hand experience.

Next, we work with you on a personalized plan. You’ll meet our legal team and lay the groundwork for secure parentage and clear financial planning.

Of course, the next step, finding your match, is a crucial part of the journey and our upfront steps lay the groundwork for a great match with the perfect surrogate for you. Because of our longevity and our relationships with a great many potential surrogates, we know both how to (and are able to) make a match that makes sense, for you and for your surrogate. Our unique Matching Matters formula creates lasting and successful matches.

Once you have decided that you have a great match, you’ll have an opportunity to get to know your surrogate. Building that relationship is an essential step to a successful journey and, given current circumstances, this may be a step that you can invest more time with.

Note that all of these activities can be done from the safety and privacy of your own home. And gives you something special to focus on while we bring our collective attention indoors.

What Happens Once I'm Matched With A Surrogate?

For those that are already at this point in your journey with us, we are all working to tap into a new level of ingenuity as we reckon with provider delays, be that provider a clinic, a hospital or an airline. We work with you, arm-in-arm, as we navigate this terrain with extra reservoirs of time and patience.

For those starting their journey now, though, several months from now the world will emerge from the grip of this pandemic, just as you’re primed and ready for the important activities of medical clearance and embryo transfer. By then you and your surrogate have built the trust necessary to move quickly while being on the same page. And you will have your predetermined and prearranged spot on your clinic’s calendar, helping to minimize any further delays.

Contact Us Now To Take The First Step

Take the long view on this journey and come start with us. While the unforeseen delays due to COVID-19 have made family building in 2020 a challenge, 2021 is full of opportunity for you, if you begin now. We'll give you the concrete steps and certainty about the costs to do so. Let’s make a match and get you on the path to bringing your own child home.

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