The Truth About Surrogates

ConceiveAbilities - Kelly and her straight-haired surrobaby

Although the public’s understanding of gestational surrogacy has come a long way in recent years, some basic misunderstandings seem to still be commonplace. These misconceptions occasionally result in surrogates receiving some semi-awkward questions. The false notion that gestational surrogates (Gestational Surrogates, Gestational Carriers, or GCs) contribute genetically to their surrobabies is one​ of the more common errors which fuel these interesting interactions.

The truth is that surrogates provide a healthy, nurturing environment but not genetics.

ConceiveAbilities surrogate, Kelly recently shared a story of a conversation she had with an individual who seems to ​not yet have "gotten the memo​" regarding ​modern surrogacy.​ Below is the story she shared.

“A few weeks after delivering my surrobaby, I was at the grocery store and got into my regular checker’s lane.

She said, "Aren't you the one who was carrying the baby for someone else?"

I thought, "How sweet of her to remember!"

And then she asked, "Did the baby get your curly hair?”


This was a rather pleasant interaction, as far as confused surrogacy questions go but it is a reminder that the public is still a little unclear on the difference between traditional and gestational surrogacy (or modern surrogacy). Learn more about the differences between the two concepts here.

​As a follow up to this story, we would like to add that Kelly’s surrobaby ​is not showing any signs of having curly hair (which makes sense, as Kelly did not contribute her genetics)​ and the baby's parents have straight hair. But do not worry, ​Kelly has four beautiful children of her own, ​ALL​ of whom are absolutely delightful people and some of whom sport a cool waviness in their hair, no doubt a genetic gift from their mom.