Agencies Unite to Launch Donor Network Alliance

March 3rd, 2009

It’s an understatement to say that the journey toward building a family can be complicated for those faced with fertility challenges. Not the least of which can be the process to find the right resources and partners – whether that means an egg donor agency, surrogacy agency, fertility centers and clinics or even legal services. I’m happy to announce that my agency, ConceiveAbilities, and two of our local competitors have teamed up to try and simplify and help facilitate at least part of this process - the search for egg donors by prospective parents undergoing alternative reproductive processes.  We’ve just launched the Donor Network Alliance (DNA), the first and only consolidated source of egg donors recruited by multiple agencies across the United States.

I’m really proud to be a founding member of this national egg donor database because I think it gives intended parents a little more of something that is really important and sometimes lacking when using third party reproductive services – control.