Too Much Time, or Not Enough Time? Four Ideas

"Heart made of thread"

As the days blur together from one to the next and we spend much more time indoors than ever, we’re always looking for fresh ideas on how to make the most of our time with loved ones. For all of us that are interested in the surrogacy process, we certainly know what it means to help others. Still, as we keep the children on track with homeschooling, manage every meal, and run the house with extra cleansing routines, we’re finding that even the most organized among us can lose our way.

At ConceiveAbilities, here are 4 of our favorite go-tos that are helping us find meaning and purpose during this extraordinary moment of having both too much time and not enough time.

Makers To The Rescue

First up, organizations like #GetUsPPE are working with makers everywhere to help front-like healthcare workers get the necessary Personal Protective Equipment (“PPE”) that they need to stay safe while caring for patients that are ill. We’re finding our needles and thread and a bit of material, and firing up our sewing machines, to make a contribution. And those contributions add-up. Millions of masks are making a difference, and we’re excited to put our hands and spirit to work in our own communities, based on these patterns or making our own.

The Practice of Kindness

Next, we’re spending time at In these days, we could all use a little more kindness, and there are hundreds of excellently creative ideas featured here on practicing kind. For instance, if you are looking for some fresh ideas for your homeschooling routines with the kiddos, you’ll find CASEL-approved curriculum for social emotional learning. If you want some productive online activities, you’ll find amazing content like Nikon’s free online photography classes, to John Krasinski’s new series #somegoodnews, which includes a surprise appearance of the original cast of Hamilton, to a virtual tour of Yellowstone. And, if you just want a minute to contemplate good in the world, check out great quotes about kindness from the famous and the ordinary for some inspiration.

Listen, Look, and Learn

Third, how about some brain-stretchers for the whole family to listen, look and learn together? The good people at The Atlantic have assembled a dozen free resources, with 5 listens, 3 looks, and 4 learns that run the gamut from cooking to high culture to origami. We’re checking out the early ‘70s with an archive channel at YouTube, travelling to Oslo, and keeping some great public radio going in the background by piping in WFMU, the longest-running free-from station in the country.

Curling Up With A Good Book

Finally, maybe you can find some down time just for you and a good book. We are working our way through a great line-up of 27 reading recommendations at Real Simple. Back to Hamilton, this list includes Lin-Manuel Miranda’s fab book about little pep talks. We loved learning about ichigo ichie. And, talk about found time, we’re getting our minds around putting the phone away one day, every week, with a how-to guide for everyone in the family. We hope there’s a book or two here that catches your eye.

How are you staying busy and finding new purpose during these times of laying low? Are you finding the time is going quickly or slowly? We’d love to hear from you, so drop us a line if you’d like to talk surrogacy. And, as ever, we remain so grateful to each of you who are interested in the process of surrogacy. You make the difference.

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