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Are you intended parents looking for potential surrogates in New York City to achieve your family building goals? Perhaps you’re located in a surrounding area like Queens, Brooklyn, the Bronx, Westchester, Long Island or in the Tri-State Area in general? If so, we are excited to announce that ConceiveAbilities is available to serve you and has years of experience in building families that you can benefit from!

For Intended Parents

New York City Surrogacy: Advising you on How to Expand Your Family

The ConceiveAbilities agency is humbled to serve as your guide in how to navigate finding a surrogate in the state of New York. Our staff is committed to making becoming a mother, father and/or parents as stress-free as possible and we will be there with you every step of the way.

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Our New York City Surrogacy Program

Our surrogacy program in New York City offers many specific advantages for both intended parents and surrogates. We want each and every person who contacts us to feel welcome. Whether you a same-sex couple, single, married, etc., we tailor your family building goals and surrogacy journey to be as special and unique as you are. We truly strive for the highest level of attentive care.

New York City Surrogacy Laws

New York is not known as a surrogacy-friendly state. They do not recognize surrogacy contracts and surrogacy law in New York is overall not very supportive. They typically do not grant pre-birth orders, and any form of compensated surrogacy arrangements or any surrogacy arrangement is not encouraged or supported. However, we can advise you on this as there are options. Please contact us so we can walk through this together.

While New York does not currently have favorable laws for compensated surrogacy, Conceiveabilities has been helping New York intended parents build their family through surrogacy for years with a customized legal approach that allows them to proceed safely through the surrogacy journey. It's only a matter of time before the pending legislation to make New York surrogacy friendly for compensated arrangements is passed!

Surrogacy Costs

Surrogacy costs and health insurance are on the top of the list of concerns when we first meet with intended parents. Questions like, “Do insurance plans cover infertility?” or “What financing options are available?” are very common and we’re here to help guide you through this process.

ConceiveAbilities makes every effort to address these concerns. We secure your finances by holding your funds in a separate insured escrow account. The escrow account protects your funds and is used to pay all your surrogate’s expenses, including agency fees. The account is in your name and you can view it online any time, just like your other bank accounts. This information will be presented along with your surrogate’s profile. Ultimately, your surrogacy contract will itemize and include all anticipated financial responsibilities.

Please remember however that there are many variables to every pregnancy, including where your surrogate is located, if you use donor eggs, and/or if the pregnancy includes multiples. There can be unexpected surrogacy costs along the way and you should factor that into your budget. The total cost of an average surrogacy journey: $131,500.

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The Process of Surrogacy

The surrogacy process can be complicated. Our years of experience makes each step, from finding a surrogate, to working with fertility clinics, to the legal processes, to assisting with the surrogacy contract and all that is required in between as seamless as possible. The surrogacy process can take time but will be here every step of the way to navigate the complexities.

An average surrogacy journey with ConceiveAbilities is 15 months. We begin with a ConceiveAbilities consultation where you’ll learn about the steps of surrogacy and our proprietary Matching Matters® process. Our process allows us to clearly define what type of surrogacy arrangement best suits you, from communication style, to lifestyle choices. We then get to work on matching you with your ideal surrogate. Once you are matched, you meet your dedicated match manager, who becomes your point person for the remainder of your journey with us. This person guides you through your surrogates medical workup, the legal phase, embryo transfer, and ultimately, throughout pregnancy and delivery. They communicate seamlessly with you, your surrogate and the clinic, are there for support and questions and coordinate all of the details, both big and small, to offer peace of mind during this entire process.

Your journey will begin with a ConceiveAbilities’ Consultation: 1 – 2 Weeks

You’ll learn more about the steps of surrogacy and our proprietary Matching Matters® process.

Matching Matters®: 1-2 Months

This is when we thoroughly vet potential surrogates and we’ll help you clearly define what type of surrogacy arrangement best suits you, from communication style, to legal considerations, to lifestyle choices.

Meeting your Surrogate and Match Manager: 1-2 Months

You will be assigned a dedicated ConceiveAbilities Match Manager who will coordinate your surrogacy team, act as your point person and guide you until delivery and beyond."

A complex process made easier: Medical Next Steps: 3-4 Months

Your surrogate will begin a medical workup at your fertility center for clearance.

Navigating the legal landscape: 3-4 Months

Once we have medical and legal clearance, we help coordinate the logistics surrounding embryo transfer.

The end and the beginning: Approximately 9 plus Months

Once your surrogate becomes pregnant, we continue to work with you, your surrogate and your fertility center for weeks after to ensure a seamless experience even after you bring your baby home.

Getting Started with Surrogacy in New York

We work hard to ensure everything is the highest quality, private and confidential. We encourage you to contact us, so we can begin to walk you through this journey.

Want to Learn More?

Please read our reviews about us from intended parents who have used ConceiveAbilities as their surrogacy agency. If have any additional questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us!