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Birmingham, Alabama (AL) – Gestational Surrogacy

Choose the ConceiveAbilities surrogate mother program in Birmingham, Mobile, Decatur, Montgomery, Huntsville & communities throughout Alabama.

For over 15 years, ConceiveAbilities has provided third party reproduction services to hundreds of prospective parents and surrogate mothers. Over the years we have a played a pivotal role in the birth of countless babies, and we’ve seen many successful families take root. Today, we are proud to continue to assist surrogate mothers in Alabama and all across the United States.

Our surrogacy agency has received praise from the many who have participated in our program from different cities in the Heart of Dixie – including Birmingham, Mobile, Decatur, Montgomery and Huntsville. Our one-of-a-kind approach to the surrogacy process has earned ConceiveAbilities the appreciation of the countless gestational surrogates and potential parents who we have helped in the U.S. and all over the world.

ConceiveAbilities has often been described as “a first-class operation,” “an amazing group of genuinely caring people,” and “an incredible source of hope and inspiration” by the surrogate mothers and prospective parents who have come to us.

For Gestational Surrogates

Become a Surrogate Mother in Alabama (AL)

Being part of the surrogacy journey as a gestational carrier is a privilege not many are able to experience. The fact alone, that you are considering helping those who cannot bear children realize their dreams of starting a family, makes you exceptional. As a result, the sense of fulfillment and accomplishment you feel at the end of the process is incomparable. One of our surrogates recently said, “To know that you are directly responsible for bringing others so much joy and happiness is such a beautiful thing.”

The staff at ConceiveAbilities understands the deep importance of being a surrogate, as well as the sacrifices and effort you will undertake. Our own Director of Surrogacy, Deb Levy (M.A., L.P.C.) built her family with the help of a surrogate mother. With this as the foundation for our program, we treat every surrogate mother with the understanding, warmth and care they deserve. Choosing to become a gestational carrier in Alabama brings you into our special Surrogate Sisterhood.

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Requirements for Becoming a Surrogate Mother in Alabama

While we are grateful to any woman who wants to be part of our surrogacy program as a gestational carrier, there are a number of requirements that must be taken into consideration to be qualified for our surrogate program in Alabama. Here are a sampling of our surrogacy requirements:

  • Must be 21-39 years old
  • Have a body mass index (BMI) between 18-34
  • Must not weigh less than 100 pounds (underweight)
  • Have no history of gastric bypass
  • Must have experienced childbirth and be currently raising at least one child
  • Not currently receiving government financial support
  • Must be able to provide copies of your OB/GYN records as well as a clearance letter

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Surrogate Mother Compensation in Alabama

Participating in our program as a surrogate brings with it emotional rewards as well as substantial financial compensation for your contribution. ConceiveAbilities offers some of the highest surrogate mother pay in the industry. Our compensation package covers:

  • Medication and medical co-payments
  • Maternity clothes
  • Travel expenses (if applicable)
  • Lost wages (if applicable)
  • Attorney fees

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For Intended Parents

Becoming a Parent with ConceiveAbilities

ConceiveAbilities is proud to offer surrogate matching services to intended parents in Alabama. We commit ourselves to every prospective parent who comes through our program, helping guide them through each stage of the surrogacy process. Our engagement managers assist with a kind and caring hand, and we know you will find them to be sensitive to your needs and concerns. The road to parenthood can sometimes be challenging, but with ConceiveAbilities as your guide, the results are truly worth the effort.

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