A Guide to ConceiveAbilities Surrogate Speak

ConceiveAbilities - A Guide to ConceiveAbilities Surrogate Speak
During your research or your initial inquiries, you may have heard some unfamiliar terms used by the ConceiveAbilities’ staff. IPs, GCs, Match Managers- what do these all mean?

In this post, we will explain what these acronyms and phrases mean, so that the next time you’re at ConceiveAbilities you’ll feel comfortable knowing what you’re talking about.

Gestational Carrier (GC)

/jeˈstāSH(ə)n/ ˈkerēər/

1.The woman carrying someone else’s baby, fertilized using the intended mother’s or a donor’s egg, and the intended father’s or a donor’s sperm. Also referred to as a GC or a surrogate. The surrogate is not genetically linked to the baby in any way, as the baby is conceived via in-vitro fertilization.

E.g. At ConceiveAbilities, we only accept the best, brightest women to become a gestational carrier and carry another family’s baby.

Intended Parent (IP)

/inˈtendəd/ ˈperənt/

  1. The legal (and often biological) parents of the infant born through a surrogacy arrangement. May also be referred to as the intended mother (IM) or intended father (IF).

E.g. Our business revolves around helping intended parents create their families through surrogacy.

Matching Matters™

/ˈmaCHiNG/ /ˈmadərs/

  1. ConceiveAbilities’ matching methodology is designed to result in optimal compatibility between the gestational carriers and their intended parents. This methodology encompasses the thorough screening of GC applicants and the multifaceted compatibility analysis of GCs with IPs. Communication styles, personalities, journey expectations, and reproductive choices are among the many factors which are considered.

E.g. Our Matching Matters™ methodology results in the right match on nearly the first try, with 95% of our matches accepting.

Matching Matters Consult

/maCHiNG/ ˈmadərs/ kənˈsəlt/

  1. The second phase of the “Matching Matters” strategy (after strict and rigorous GC intake). A meeting (often had over the phone or via Skype) between a high level mental health professional or our Clinical Director and Surrogacy Specialist, with the IPs, for the purpose of:
  • Crafting and prioritizing desired criteria of their GC;
  • Making certain the IPs are unified amongst themselves in their objectives;
  • Understand IPs values and expectations;
  • Allow the ConAb Professional to gain additional insights into the IPs’ personalities.

E.g. The Matching Matters Consult will help ensure our mental health professionals have a good understanding of the IP’s character, needs and wants.

The Match Team

/maCH/ tēm/

  1. The collective legal, mental health, Client Development, Intake, and MM personnel who collaborate to select the appropriate headquarters, initial points of contact, Match Manager, and surrogate for each IP Client.

*E.g. Our match team is a group of elite, capable, and helpful professionals tasked with creating the best matches between the intended parents and the gestational carriers.

  • Match Strategy Session (MSS)

    /maCH/ /ˈstradəjē/ ˈ/seSHən/

  1. A weekly conference involving the Match Team where the legal, interpersonal, and other aspects of a potential match between an IP and GC are considered and agreed upon. At the end of a MSS the team will have decided which GC to introduce the IPs to as a possible match, which Match Manager will be assigned to the match, and which office the match will be headquartered out of.

E.g. The MSS is where our Match Team decide which GC and IPs to match for the best results.

Match Meeting

/maCH/ ˈmēdiNG/

  1. An introductory video call or in-person meeting between a GC and the IPs, after which they decide if they mutually agree to work together, with a ConceiveAbilities mental health professional present. A ConceiveAbilities Mental Health professional is a passive participant in the meeting.

E.g. “Our Match Meeting went very well. My husband and I really liked our proposed IPs and we hope they liked us.”

Quiet Period

/ˈkwīət/ ˈpirēəd/

  1. After both parties accept the match, there is usually a quiet period while medical clearance is obtained and legal documents are drafted and signed. After match acceptance, there is no direct communication between the intended parents and the surrogate until the surrogate is cleared. Once cleared, ConceiveAbilities facilitates a phone call or videoconference session. The quiet period then resumes until legal documentation is complete. Upon request, other calls can be facilitated during this quiet time through your Match Manager

E.g. There’s a short quiet period after the match, but it’s because the surrogate is still being cleared and legal documentation is being completed.


/ˈsərə/ ˈbābē/

  1. A term used to refer to the surrogate-born baby. Also occasionally referred to a “Belly Buddy” by some surrogates.

E.g. I can’t wait until my surro-baby is born!

More Information

Still confused about certain words or phrases? Fill out our contact form and get in touch with someone from the ConceiveAbilities team. The surrogacy industry is full of terminology that can be confusing to someone new. We’re here to make sure that you understand the process and that all your surrogacy questions are answered.

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