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Surrogate mother enjoys surrogacy in Denver, Colorado as she hikes the Rocky Mountains for a healthy pregnancy

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ConceiveAbilities is a leading surrogacy center in Denver, matching intended parents with Colorado surrogates like you throughout the Midwest and across the United States. As your local surrogate agency in Colorado, we are here to support every step of your surrogacy journey. We have helped hundreds of women become surrogates in Denver and in Colorado.

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What Sets ConceiveAbilities Apart from Other Surrogacy Agencies in Colorado?

As the first surrogacy agency in Colorado and one of the oldest agencies in America, we have the on-the-ground experience to protect your interests as a surrogate at every step, so you can focus on the joy of helping another family build their family and get paid well for doing so. We’ve been at the forefront of a changing landscape for twenty-four years and counting, alongside Colorado’s finest doctors and professionals in gestational surrogacy.

ConceiveAbilities invests in building a large community of available surrogates because, simply, surrogates sit at the very heart of our program.

  • Read more about our process, including how we find your perfect intended parents.
  • Our surrogate compensation package is one of the most generous, and well-planned, in the field. Use our personalized calculator to find out what you can earn in Illinois.
  • Our surrogate requirements make sure your surrogacy journey is as healthy and successful as possible. Review these basic criteria to find out if you qualify as a surrogate candidate.

Our Denver-area office is in Greenwood Village, just twenty minutes from downtown Denver, so that becoming a surrogate in Aurora, Colorado Springs, Boulder, Fort Collins-Loveland, Greeley, Pueblo and all Colorado locales is convenient. And, we work with ease through our own online platform to ensure surrogacy is efficient and safe for you.

Is Surrogacy in Colorado Legal?

Yes. Gestational surrogacy is permitted in Colorado because no statute or published case law prohibits it and gestational surrogacy is commonly completed in Colorado. Courts have granted pre-birth orders for married couples, unmarried couples, and single individuals regardless of their sexual orientation, gender or genetic link to the child. Typically, a hearing is not required for pre-birth orders in Colorado, however, that decision is based on a judge’s discretion. Working with ConceiveAbilities, you can be confident that your intended parents will be granted parentage and go home with the baby that you help bring into the world.

Colorado Surrogacy: What You Need To Know

From helping you do your research on the best Colorado surrogacy agency to matching you with a family, ConceiveAbilities is honored to make your dream of being a surrogate come true. We are happy to answer all of your surrogacy questions and we also know how valuable it is to be able to speak with someone who has the personal experience of being a surrogate mother in Colorado.

Our two Colorado Surrogate Advocates, Leslie Mattern and Kimberly Silberman, are ready to share their personal experiences as ConceiveAbilities surrogates in Colorado and answer any surrogacy questions you have directly.

Leslie lives in Aurora, Colorado, has been married for 11 years with two daughters and two puppies and works overnight as a dispatcher. She is a three-time surrogate mother carrying four children for three different local Colorado families including twins. You can read about her surrogacy stories on her blog My Pod, Their Pea.

Kimberly is a two-time surrogate who lives in Castle Rock, Colorado. She works part-time at her son’s school and has been a surrogate for two Colorado families including her last journey with twins. She is passionate about improving the public’s understanding of surrogacy and is eager to answer your questions!

Click here to learn more about ConceiveAbilities' surrogate advocate program and, more specifically, how to contact Leslie or Kimberly. We also invite you to join us at the Surrogacy Learning Center, a safe and secure online environment to learn more from a kind and giving community of joyful surrogates and fantastic experts.

Based in Denver, we know that the Mile High City is a diverse, welcoming city nestled near the Colorado Rocky Mountains offering outdoor living from hiking to skiing at its finest, making it a perfect location for your surrogacy journey. It is also touted as the most educated city in America and one of the healthiest. From cultural events like live music at Red Rocks to world-class dining, Denver is an ideal place to raise a family.

Many people including celebrities like Elton John, Ellen Pompeo, Neil Patrick Harris, and Cameron Diaz have used surrogacy to build their own families. We are grateful to have matched hundreds of Colorado surrogates and local couples struggling with infertility, gay dads and single parents-to-be to ensure the best surrogacy partnership for anyone hoping to create their family.

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Testimonials about our surrogacy agency:

I decided to become a surrogate in Colorado because I wanted to be able to help give a family the same joy I have when spending time with my girls. I can’t imagine what some of these families have gone through trying to conceive a child of their own. I had such wonderful pregnancies and absolutely loved every minute of each one, and getting to spend time with my IPs and experience and share their excitement helps make this journey all the more special.

Choose the ConceiveAbilities’ surrogate mother program in Denver, Colorado

The process for getting started is easy, confidential, and secure. Go ahead and take the first step with ConceiveAbilities. We are looking forward to getting to know you.


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