Surrogacy for Lactating Mothers

Lactating women can make great candidates for becoming a surrogate because they are already experienced in pregnancy and childbirth. They may also have finished growing their own families, have enjoyed being pregnant and breastfeeding and are willing and ready to help another person experience the joys of parenthood.

I've wanted to be a surrogate for seven years. When I first started looking into surrogacy I didn't meet the surrogate requirements, since I didn't have my own children yet. A close friend and two of my aunts are unable to have children of their own. This pushed me even more to see if I qualified once our own family was complete. Now, we are finally able to pursue our dream of helping another family have the ability to have a child or sibling for their child!

Caring for Lactating Mothers

As part of ConceiveAbilities Surrogate Care and Compensation Package, we offer fourth trimester postpartum support after a surrogate completes her surrogacy journey, including lactation, breastfeeding and surrogacy, and pumping support.

In addition, you can make up to $72,000 as a first-time surrogate with the ConceiveAbilities $10,000 limited time bonus. Because we know moms like you make great surrogates, we prioritize your compensation.

Overlapping Qualifications Lactating Mothers Have That Make Them Great Surrogates

5 Basic requirements to be a surrogate:

  • Have you given birth before?
    • A history of at least one full-term, healthy and uncomplicated pregnancy is essential to ensuring your surrogacy journey is healthy and successful.
  • How old are you?
    • At the time you are matched with intended parents, you should be between 21 and 40 years of age.
  • Are you a long-term US resident?
    • The surrogacy journey is lengthy and is accomplished only by working with a US-based IVF clinic. A current or pending deployment may add some extra considerations to the timing of when you are a surrogate but, with our expertise, we will help you find a way forward to be a surrogate.
  • Are you physically healthy?
    • You must have an uncomplicated medical history, not be over- or under-weight, not currently smoke, and be free of certain chronic conditions.
  • Are you emotionally healthy?
    • Your surrogacy journey is demanding and requires a stable foundation in your life without undue stress.