Gestational Surrogacy Cost & Fees

As the nation’s most experienced surrogacy and egg donor agency, ConceiveAbilities offers fast, secure, and guaranteed matching with stand-out gestational surrogates and a complete program with first-in-class service. The experts on our team put our know-how to work with one aim: that all hopeful parents who are interested in surrogacy and family-building have a successful and healthy path to bringing home their baby. And now, through our flagship first-of-its-kind All-In Program, we’ve made that path ever more safe and secure.

Be a parent
Surrogate Amanda with intended fathers and a baby

Proven Track Record of Success

  • Based on What Our Clients, Numbering Thousands Over Two Decades, Say

  • Based on What Fertility Clinics and Professionals Say
We really love working with ConceiveAbilities because we know that they're going to provide us with good quality candidates that will move through the process quickly. We want to know that we're working with an agency that is really top of the line and doing a really good job of rigorously screening those surrogates to make sure that they're healthy and that they're going to be a good candidate. Not every agency does exactly the same thing. We know when ConceiveAbilities presents us with a potential match for surrogacy, she’s going to be a quality surrogate and we know that it's going to move the journey.
Director of Operations, Vios Fertility Institute

Matching: Fast, Secure, and Guaranteed

  • Based on What Our Clients, Numbering Thousands Over Two Decades, Say

  • Surrogate Match Times that are consistently faster than any other agency

  • 97% Success Rate at First Introduction, Saving You Time and Expense

  • Stand-Out Surrogates That Meet The High Standards of Your Physician:
    More than 95% of our surrogates pass medical evaluation on the first attempt

25 years as a Leading National Surrogacy Agency

  • A Team of Professionals

  • Caring People Who Know Surrogacy, First-Hand

Customized Surrogacy Roadmap

  • Intended Parents’ Financial Interests and Risks, Protected

  • Personalized Support

Surrogacy is a modern way of building your family and requires an emotional, financial, and logistical investment. We understand surrogacy is a big decision for you and your family. As your surrogacy agency, we are driven to provide outstanding service, protect you from hidden fees and landmines, and guarantee our performance as your partner in helping you bring home your new family member. Whether you are pursuing third-party reproduction due to infertility or being in a same-sex relationship, we are ready to help you on your parenthood journey.

During the coronavirus pandemic, our experience and capability has been on center stage. Our service has been continuous and unflagging, providing peace of mind and assurance to hundreds of families as we persevere through new challenges. It makes sense. After all, throughout our entire history, we have had that drive to work through the inevitable complexities of surrogacy to achieve great outcomes, no matter the circumstances. To us, family is everything.

Our All-In Program is a first in the marketplace, and possible only because of ConceiveAbilities’ long-standing track record for doing what we say we will do for the intended parents, surrogates, and professionals we have worked with for decades. We have assembled every key service you will need for your journey, anticipated the bumps and twists in the road ahead, and put together a fixed price comprehensive offering that gives you both peace of mind and financial security. Our flagship All-In Program is enormously popular with the vast majority of our intended parents, and here’s why:

  • Guaranteed. We will match you with a healthy surrogate who is carefully matched to fit your needs. If required for your journey, we will provide an unlimited number of surrogate matches until the birth of your baby. If you do not accept a surrogate match, you have our money back guarantee. Period.

  • Fast. No kidding. Getting you through the necessary milestones quickly and more effectively than anyone else can. Ask us about our track record.

  • Relationships. Through our Matching Matters protocol, we make a deep investment in understanding the needs and desires of intended parents and surrogates alike, to foster compatible relationships and guide those relationships through the entire journey ahead. With a 97% success rate at first introduction, we do the vetting of qualified stand-out surrogates for you, making good use of your time and energy.

  • Comprehensive. Through our step-by-step roadmap, we have identified all of the key services that you will need to achieve your journey’s goal of bringing home your baby. From complete insurance coverage for your surrogate to the legal fees and work you’ll need to properly secure your parental rights, we have thought of it all and it’s all included.

  • Anticipating the Unexpected. We know the average cost of surrogacy, and we also know to expect the unexpected. When it comes to surrogacy journeys, covering the unexpected can add up, stressing even the most well-laid financial plans. With the All-In Program, we’ve planned to cover surrogacy costs and more, so the unexpected is included. Multiple embryo transfers? Included. Your surrogate’s health insurance policy does not cover the total cost of surrogacy? Included. Maternity clothes? Included. Lost wages if your surrogate mother’s spouse needs to assist her? Included. Extra travel expenses due to COVID-19 restrictions? Included. Extra compensation for your surrogate’s specialized medical procedures? Included. Fine print for anything not included (e.g., say you want twins)? We will spell it out for you so there are no surprises.

  • $164,900. How much does surrogacy cost? Through our agency, it’s one fixed price, and it’s packed with value and security.


Our All-In Program financially protects you from unexpected problems and allows you to concentrate on what matters most: growing your family. It is the most comprehensive and risk-free surrogacy program available, from the nation’s most experienced surrogacy experts.

All in program

Since no two surrogacy journeys are the same, rest assured that we will guide you, step-by-step and with full transparency, putting in place a roadmap for a successful and healthy outcome: your baby home with you.

And, while the All-In Program is the best value for a comprehensive surrogacy journey, we appreciate that your needs may be more targeted. For instance, you may only have one embryo. Or you may already have identified your surrogate. Or you may want to do more of the legwork to manage your surrogacy journey yourself. Let’s talk and we will be delighted to build a customized program just for you.


  • Recruiting, screening and matching you with a healthy and qualified surrogate, inclusive of thorough medical records review and, for your surrogate as well as others in her household, psychological screenings and background checks - all the way through to successful clearance of your surrogate by your fertility center. If there is medical need or other reasons why a new surrogate is required, these services are provided again.

  • Organizing an effective partnership with your surrogate. Once you have your surrogate match, we create a surrogacy agreement or surrogacy contract between both the surrogate and intended parents, which outlines fair involvement between both parties throughout the surrogacy journey. For instance, the agreement ensures the intended parents will be active participants through the surrogate’s prenatal care and beyond.

  • Obtaining insurance coverage for surrogate costs, inclusive of coverages for medical, bed rest, disability, and life..

  • Coordinating the legal and escrow work required to receive clearance from your fertility center for embryo transfer, inclusive of drafting and negotiating your gestational carrier agreement and properly establishing your parental rights.

  • Compensating your surrogate inclusive of
    • Base compensation, starting prior to the surrogate pregnancy and including post pregnancy
    • Additional compensation for potential additional medical procedures such as multiple embryo transfers, cesarean delivery (or c-section), or multiple medication cycles
    • Compensation for a new surrogate should, for instance, there be a medical need to do so

  • Coordinating and funding travel for your surrogate, based on the direction and requirements of your fertility center and obstetrician.

  • Time and effort for management of the journey with your surrogate, coordinating the precise details at each step of the surrogacy process with subject matter experts, based on your custom roadmap.

THE ALL-IN PROGRAM AT $164,900: The Fine Print for Intended Parents

Does ConceiveAbilities guarantee that I will be matched within 16 weeks?

No, however our average time over recent time periods for intended parents to match with surrogates is currently 16 weeks. Based on feedback from our clients and fertility centers, our Matching Matters process is both faster and higher quality than other agencies. We make a significant investment in building a deep pool of healthy and qualified surrogates and review hundreds of applications every week to find the select few that we bring forward for matching. That said, we know how important the right match is to a successful surrogacy journey and it may take time to find the right surrogate for you. While we cannot guarantee or even predict the precise time it will take to find your surrogate, with the All-In Program we do guarantee a full refund at any time prior to when you are matched.

Are in vitro fertilization (IVF) treatments included in the overall gestational surrogacy cost?

No, these fertility treatments are not included. Costs for all services required by your fertility center are separate and are the responsibility of intended parents. These services typically include your surrogate’s fertility medication, medical screening and workup, preparation for the embryo transfer, and medical monitoring until the pregnancy is “established.”

Is the surrogate’s medical care included?

Yes. With our All-In Program, we assist you in obtaining, at no additional cost to you, health insurance to ensure that your surrogate’s “usual and customary” in-network medical expenses are fully covered once the obstetrician assumes responsibility for her healthcare. Further, we provide for her bed rest disability, life insurance, and IVF complications insurance in our All-In Program.

Is surrogate compensation included?

With our All-In Program, we create a comprehensive compensation plan. First, we provide a generous starting budget of $48,000, which includes installments or payments starting pre-pregnancy, continuing throughout pregnancy, and continuing into the ‘4th Trimester’. We understand that your decision about who is the perfect surrogate for you is a critical ingredient to a successful journey. In addition, surrogate compensation may fluctuate by market and at various times, including, for instance, the health crisis associated with the COVID pandemic. Therefore, your surrogate's starting compensation may go up from this base budget and the difference between $48,000 and the actual compensation package of your chosen surrogate will be an added expense for you, the intended parent. Rest assured, however, that you will know the amount of any surrogate's compensation package prior to accepting a match.

Our All-In Program covers additional surrogate compensation for additional medical procedures, such as multiple embryo transfers, a cesarean section, and multiple medication cycles. Finally, in our All-In Program, we include surrogate compensation for, if medically necessary, bed rest (inclusive of her lost wages, childcare, and housekeeping). And, we include seven days of lost wages for her partner if the partner must assist the surrogate, at any time during her pregnancy.

Are multiple embryo transfers included?

Yes. With our All-In Program, we include the greater of the number of embryos that you have available at the time your legal work is finalized or 4 embryo transfers. The program also includes any additional compensation due to your surrogate for these transfers, such as replenishment of base compensation that starts prior to pregnancy. Additional embryo transfers thereafter are $5,000 per transfer, plus any additional compensation due to your surrogate.

What if my surrogate terminates the match?

With our All-In Program, you have unlimited matches if the surrogate chooses to withdraw from the program or otherwise terminates the relationship.

What if I terminate my match after I accept the match?

If you decide to terminate your match with the surrogate after your surrogate has been approved by your doctor, you may elect to be rematched with a new surrogate for an additional $15,000, plus any replenishment of pre-pregnancy payments due to your surrogate. Of note, however, if your match needs to be terminated for medical necessity, you have unlimited matches included in the All-In Program.

What if I/we want twins?

With our All-In Program, twins are an additional charge of $28,000 that goes toward additional compensation for your surrogate, insurance coverage, and additional activities for the management of a higher risk pregnancy, such as a high incidence and duration of bed rest.

What if my surrogate’s insurance denies medical expenses for the surrogacy journey?

If the insurance provider denies expenses for maternity and delivery management, we will provide our guidance to help you contest the provider’s charges, the insurance company’s denial, or both. Ultimately, however, medical expenses and uncovered expenses are the responsibility of the intended parents.

Are legal expenses included?

Yes. With our All-In Program, we include a provision for the legal services you will need for your journey, including the gestational carrier agreement between you and your surrogate; legal representation for your surrogate; and the proper establishment of your parentage rights. These services are provided through the network of attorneys that ConceiveAbilities has vetted for their surrogacy expertise. One important legal item remains at your personal expense, which is a review of your will, along with addressing any unique statutory requirements that could apply to your journey.

What about pumping breast milk?

You and your surrogate may come to agreement for her to pump and supply breast milk after delivery. If so, the related compensation and expenses are the responsibility of the intended parents and not covered within the All-In Program.


Let’s sketch the numbers out, together, for several scenarios and for each of the six basic expense categories. And, then, together, we’ll customize the best roadmap for you. While many intended parents have shared with us that our All-In Program is the best value for them, we are always happy to customize a package tailor-fit to your surrogacy needs.

Let’s talk and we will be delighted to build a customized program just for you.

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