How to Become a Surrogate Mother

Surrogacy is a modern way to build a family. Because of the high success rate of surrogacy, more families are choosing surrogacy to have children, which now represents over 5% of all in vitro fertilization cycles based on data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. But what is a surrogate? A surrogate mother is a woman who carries a child that she is not genetically related to for someone else. The most common misconception is that the surrogate and the baby have the same DNA, a surrogacy myth that is not true. ConceiveAbilities surrogates are gestational surrogates and are never related to the baby they are carrying. Learn more about what is surrogacy.

As a surrogate, you can help people who are struggling with infertility, have medical conditions that prevent them from carrying their own child, and the LGBTQ+ community fulfill their dreams of building their own family. With women like you, hopeful people can have a child of their own. Your choice to be a surrogate makes family dreams come true. Learn more about the people you can help on our blog Why Does Someone Need A Surrogate.

Intended Mother Ashley Katzen with her partner and surrogate

Learn How To Become a Surrogate

Becoming a surrogate is a deeply personal decision and we want to ensure you have a full understanding of the surrogacy process so you can make the right decision for you and your family. It’s not always easy to find a comprehensive and reliable research site about surrogacy. Check out our surrogacy guide Everything You Need to Know About Surrogacy to learn more about the surrogacy process. The Surrogacy Learning Center is also a great community to connect with experienced surrogates, intended parents, egg donors, and surrogacy professionals. Once you become a surrogate with us, you will join our members' only Surrogate Sisterhood group with other surrogates going through a surrogacy journey.

As the most experienced surrogacy agency, our job is to support you every step of the way. We are able to move with purpose, more quickly than any other agency, to serve your interests in achieving a healthy and successful surrogacy journey. Our proven process makes your dream of helping another family a reality. We are all-in as your surrogacy.

Surrogate Mother Requirements All-In Support for Surrogates

Frequently Asked Questions About How to Become a Surrogate

How much will I be paid to be a surrogate with ConceiveAbilities?

Surrogacy is a labor of love and that is why we believe you deserve the best surrogate pay. Our All-In Surrogate Care and Compensation Package ensures all of your needs are met, financially and support wise. It’s a comprehensive package that ensures top pay, best protection and personalized care for each and every surrogate with ConceiveAbilities. Learn more about surrogate compensation and everything that is included in our All-In Surrogate Care and Compensation package.

How do you match a surrogate with an intended parent?

Our proprietary matching process pairs you with the family you were meant to help who have shared values and expectations. Matching Matters® has a 97% success rate at first introduction, expediting your journey. Learn more on our blog collection How Do Surrogates Match with An Intended Family.

No, the baby is not related to the surrogate. A ConceiveAbilities surrogate has no genetic relation to the child she is carrying for another person.

Can I become a surrogate for a local family near me?

Yes. When you go through the Matching Matters ™ process, we take into consideration your preferences, such as matching with a local family. Because of ConceiveAbilities size, experience, and success, we have intended parents throughout the United States. Our surrogates have also found that they can have close relationships with their intended family in long-distance matches as well. We do find through the process that you may start with one set of priorities and, as you learn more, prioritize other expectations and values.

Is it hard to apply to be a surrogate?

We have made it easy for you to apply to become a surrogate in a short 5-minute survey. Watch this video to see how the surrogate application process works.

How do I talk to my husband about becoming a surrogate?

As a surrogate, having the support of your family is very important. You can connect with other surrogates on the Surrogacy Learning Center or contact an experienced surrogate to hear how they spoke with their spouses. Your husband may also enjoy reading My Wife Is A Surrogate and Meet The Men Behind Surrogacy.

Is becoming a surrogate right for me?

As you research more about becoming a surrogate, connect with our surrogate advocates, women who are experienced surrogates and have volunteered to answer all of your questions about surrogacy. They will share with you their honest, authentic experience they had throughout their surrogacy journey.

Is a surrogate liable for any hospital bills?

No. As a surrogate, you are not liable for any hospital bills. If any issue comes up with medical payments, ConceiveAbilities will work with your intended parents, insurance and medical providers to resolve and pay the bill.

Does a surrogate mother use her own eggs for a surrogacy journey?

No. As a compensated gestational carrier working with ConceiveAbilities, you will not be genetically related to the child in any way.

Who are the surrogacy professionals that will support me throughout the surrogate process?

Your team consists of Nurses, Licensed Mental Health Professionals, Past Surrogates, Egg Donors, Legal Experts in Assisted Reproductive Technology, Postpartum Experts to guide your fourth trimester recovery, and - at the center of that team - your Match Manager.

What if I think I am disqualified to be a surrogate?

If you think you are disqualified to be a surrogate, we still encourage you to apply. Our team may be able to find a way for you to follow your dream of becoming a surrogate and, if you aren’t able to proceed, perhaps you have a friend that may qualify and your desire to help another family can be fulfilled by educating her. Learn more about surrogate mother requirements.

How long does the surrogacy process take?

On average, the surrogate mother process takes between 15 to 18 months, however, any individual journey could take more or less time. Working with a reputable surrogacy agency like ConceiveAbilities with experienced subject matter experts that are fully dedicated to your journey is the key to expediting the experience and achieving your dream of helping another family.

What is the timing to become a surrogate mother?

We customize our qualification process to work at your pace, with no timing pressure, What timing works for you? Some potential GCs are motivated to move through the process quickly. Some potential GCs need time to process and learn. We are on your timeline. If you are looking to move quickly, we match a surrogate with a family every day.

Is surrogacy successful?

Surrogacy is the most successful infertility treatment. If you choose to become a surrogate, you have a very good chance of having a successful surrogacy journey. Fertility expert Dr. Brian Kaplan talks more about Understanding Surrogacy Success Rates.

Surrogate Mother Rebecca Kitchin smiling and standing in the snow

Why Does Someone Become A Surrogate?

ConceiveAbilities recently hired research firm Accelerant Research to better understand surrogates. The firm surveyed 100 surrogates, more than 500 qualified surrogacy prospects and more than 1,000 women from the general population. Of the surrogates and qualified surrogacy prospects, Accelerant found:

  • More than 60% reported a household income above $75,000
  • More than half volunteer regularly
  • Nearly half are registered blood and organ donors
  • Almost one-quarter of them foster pets
  • More than three-quarters said they did so because they knew someone personally in need
  • Two-thirds said they had first-hand exposure to a relative or close friend’s struggle with infertility

“We found that the single biggest motivation for surrogates is the simple desire to help,” Nazca Fontes, CEO of ConceiveAbilities shared. “Eighty-seven percent said they find joy in helping others; 74 percent reported they are motivated by a sense of empowerment as a surrogate.” Research more reasons to become a surrogate on our blog collection Why Does Someone Become A Surrogate.

Surrogate Mother Requirements

What are the requirements to be a surrogate? Age, physical and mental health, previous pregnancies and US residency are basic qualifications you must meet to begin your surrogacy journey. Learn more about surrogate requirements and watch fertility expert Dr. Angie Beltsos explain the requirements to be a surrogate and why they are important. Don’t be discouraged if you think you may be disqualified to be a surrogate. Our experts will determine the next steps for you on your surrogate journey.

Surrogate Pay

We are proud to offer our first-in-marketplace All-In Surrogate Care and Compensation package. It’s a comprehensive package that ensures top pay, best protection and personalized care for each and every surrogate with ConceiveAbilities.

Our program prioritizes six main benefits:

  • Our Matching Matters™ process, which allows us to match you with the right intended parents
  • A straight-forward financial package with personalized compensation and no hassles
  • Our Life Simplicity Promise™, which offers legal guidance to ensure you and your intended parents have a fair and valid surrogacy contract
  • Insurance coverage to help you avoid out-of-pocket expenses and fast resolution of any potential disputes, providing you and your family with total peace of mind
  • Being an equal partner with your intended parents through our Shared Decision framework, meaning you can share in important decisions and the overall surrogacy experience with them
  • An organized step-by-step road map and calendar to help you prepare for the embryo transfer process

Learn more about surrogate compensation and everything that is included in our All-In Surrogate Care and Compensation package.

What Is The Surrogate Process?

A surrogate is a woman who carries a baby for another person or a couple. The person who is trying to have a baby with the help of the surrogate is known as an intended parent. At ConceiveAbilities, we work with intended parents who undergo in vitro fertilization (IVF) so that the surrogate can carry a baby to whom she is not genetically or legally related. The surrogate is paid for her time and efforts by the intended parent(s) as part of their program with ConceiveAbilities. The embryo is created from the intended father’s sperm, or donor sperm, and the intended mother’s egg, or donor egg. When the baby is born, the intended parents are listed on the birth certificate as the legal parents and assume all responsibility for the child.

The process to become a surrogate mother involves six basic steps.

  1. Research Surrogacy
  2. Find Out If You Qualify
  3. Match With Intended Parents
  4. Begin Pregnancy
  5. Carry and Deliver a Baby
  6. Conclude Your Surrogacy Journey

ConceiveAbilities will be your partner throughout each of these steps, allowing you to experience the joy of surrogacy while we manage the details to ensure your journey is successful and healthy. Our process is rooted in precision, support and compassion. We know how to look around the corner and anticipate the key decisions that are key to a great outcome, because we have years of experience with surrogates, families, physicians and experts across the country.

  • 1. Research Surrogacy

  • 2. Find Out If You Qualify

  • 3. Match With Intended Parents

  • 4. Begin Pregnancy

  • 5. Carry and Deliver a Baby

  • 6. Conclude Your Surrogacy Journey

  • 1. Research Surrogacy

  • 1. Research Surrogacy: Who Becomes A Surrogate

    Women feel called to be surrogates for many unique reasons. Through our work with thousands of women, however, we do see some common insights about many surrogates:

    • Almost 90% find joy in giving to others, and demonstrate that through their actions. For instance, more than 50% regularly volunteer and nearly half are registered blood and organ donors.
    • The time must be right; over 80% examine the timing based on the needs of their family and turn to their inner circle for support about the decision.
    • Two-thirds have first-hand experience with a friend or family member’s struggle with infertility.
    • The financial incentive is meaningful and more than 60% report it will help to create a safety net by, for instance, paying down debt or saving for their family’s future.

    Fertility expert Dr. Jennifer Hirshfeld-Cytron shared her experience with the amazing surrogates she has met during her medical practice in our video, Who Becomes A Surrogate. Would you like to learn more about why women find purpose in being a surrogate?

    Please join us, right now, at the Surrogacy Learning Center, a one-of-a-kind community where you can collaborate about surrogacy with both newcomers and experts

  • 2. Find Out If You Qualify

  • 2. Find Out If You Qualify, in Three Parts

    • Take 5 to 10 minutes and complete your personalized surrogacy application, where we explain each basic requirement, like your age, your prior deliveries, and where you live, and apply them to you. We love getting to know women who are considering becoming a surrogate, and please know that all of your information is maintained with utmost privacy. Read more about the basic requirements.
    • Once your application is approved, you will schedule and complete an introductory call so we can get to know you better, including a more detailed discussion of your medical history. ConceiveAbilities is known for our detailed and thorough review process to make sure that a surrogacy journey can be healthy and successful for you. And, if the review goes well, you can feel very confident that, later on in your journey, an IVF clinic will agree with us.
    • We will prepare you to become a surrogate by providing written details of how much money you will earn as a surrogate and more detailed information about what to expect. We will gain a deeper understanding of your values and expectations for the family you would like to help as a surrogate, and how we can support your entire family during your pregnancy. Get an estimate of your surrogate pay with our personalized calculator.

  • 3. Match With Intended Parents

  • 3. Match With Intended Parents, a New Relationship

    • Once you are qualified as a surrogate, ConceiveAbilities uses our proprietary matching process, Matching Matters®, to connect you with the family you were meant to help. We match potential surrogates with families that share their values and expectations for the type of relationship they want. Our surrogacy agency has a 97% success rate on a successful match on the first meeting.
    • The intended parents will deposit all the money needed for your surrogacy journey in escrow so you have the peace-of-mind of knowing that the full financial resources for your journey are safe and secure.
    • You will meet your dedicated ConceiveAbilities’ Match Manager, who will work with you and your intended parents to guide your journey as a surrogate.
    • Your monthly care packages, custom-built based on your preferences, begin!

  • 4. Begin Pregnancy

  • 4. Begin Pregnancy, a New Life with Modern Help

    • This is getting real, yes? First, we introduce you to the Surrogate Sisterhood, a private community of women that are actively engaged with us on a surrogacy journey. You will have routine opportunities to connect with this incredible network of supporters that totally “get it” and are available to answer any question you may have.
    • The IVF clinic that the Intended Parents have selected will conduct their own review of your qualifications as a surrogate. ConceiveAbilities’ experience and careful screening process helps to ensure that this is a satisfactory review.
    • You and your intended parents will create a legal contract, with our assistance, that confirms your services and pay. We’ll tackle all the details like health insurance and the who’s who of all the professionals that will support your journey, such as the IVF clinic, reproductive endocrinologist, and more.
    • Your intended parents will have already created one or more embryos by this point, either with or without the support of donor(s), and the IVF transfer process will begin. For the embryo transfer, your body will need to be medically prepared. You will learn more about the medical protocol, restrictions and expectations during this time and begin certain medications.
    • ConceiveAbilities arranges not only a generous pay package for your surrogacy, but one that is well-planned and considers your time and energy. Pre-pregnancy payments start the day after your medical work-up and continue until the embryo is transferred to you.
    • Once you are ready and all the paperwork is in place, the embryo will be transferred to you. And, when your medical team is able to confirm a fetal heartbeat for a second time, we consider the pregnancy “established.”

  • 5. Carry and Deliver a Baby

  • 5. Carry and Deliver a Baby, the Gift of Family

    • As your surrogate pregnancy continues, your IVF clinic will determine when is the right time for your obstetrician to take responsibility for your care and you will begin routine appointments with your obstetrician. You will receive support from your match manager and your Surrogate Sisterhood and check-in regularly with your intended parents.
    • During your pregnancy, you will receive monthly pay, starting after the second confirmation of the fetal heartbeat.
    • You will have the opportunity for a customized care consult with resources built for you, to set the stage for a great pregnancy and Fourth Trimester recovery, including in-depth information and resources about doula care and birth preparation, physical therapy, nutrition, and fitness and movement
    • During the middle of your pregnancy, we will work with you and your intended parents to create a Birth Plan, which is an exciting milestone to ensure everyone is ready with common expectations for the delivery of the baby. The legal work continues to ensure the parents have established court ordered parental rights.
    • The Birth!
    • After the baby's birth, the baby goes home with its parents and your Fourth Trimester begins.

  • 6. Conclude Your Surrogacy Journey

  • 6. Conclude Your Surrogacy Journey, Your Calling Fulfilled

    • We work to ensure you have the support you need throughout your Fourth Trimester, physically and emotionally, both with your Surrogate Sisterhood and one-on-one support you may want.
    • Your post birth one-time payment is adjusted to fully replenish your wage and salary, at all income levels.
    • The surrogacy journey is both demanding and rewarding. 56% of our surrogates are highly interested in a repeat journey and 78% want to refer a friend to be a surrogate. Their personal experience as a surrogate is the top driving factor for this strong interest.
    • Do you know a woman that you think would make a great surrogate? We'd love to get to know her; refer her now.

    Intended mother Morgan Budman lying down on a bed with her partner and sleeping baby

    Find The Family You Were Meant to Help

    Since no two surrogacy journeys are the same, rest assured that we will guide you, step-by-step and with full transparency, putting in place a roadmap for a successful and healthy outcome - one that helps another family build their family. Discover if surrogacy is a calling for you and one that will send you forward even stronger than you were before. Learn more about the surrogate matching process. You can also read more about how surrogates find families to match with on our collection: How Do Surrogates Find Intended Parents?

    ConceiveAbilities Is The Best Surrogacy Agency For Surrogates

    ConceiveAbilities is a leading surrogacy agency in the world. Not only do we have eight former surrogates on staff and nearly three decades of experience, we invest in the science behind it. We commissioned an independent research study to learn more about what moves a woman to become a surrogate. From your motivation, needs and desires to your decision process in becoming a surrogate, we have done the work to make sure our All-In Program reflects what you, the surrogate, needs. Why? Because we want to serve you better, exceed your expectations and create the safest and most rewarding experience. We build families with you.

    78% (5 on a scale of 1 to 5) of our surrogates want to recommend another woman to be a ConceiveAbilities surrogate because of their outstanding experience with our agency and 56% (5 on a scale of 1 to 5) want to do another surrogacy journey. ConceiveAbilities is a leading surrogacy agency in the United States.

    Surrogate mother Chelsea Lawson receiving a hug from intended parents

    Surrogate Testimonials

    Thank you to ConceiveAbilities for being such an amazing support for myself and my family, for making a wonderful match and for caring about all of the gestational surrogates as if they were your own family. This experience has been one that has changed me as a person, mother, friend and wife.
    Gestational Surrogate
    ConceiveAbilities was definitely the best choice I could have made.
    Gestational Surrogate
    I cannot reiterate enough how wonderful you all are at ConceiveAbilities. You make theses incredible things come together so beautifully and for that I am so grateful.
    Gestational Surrogate
    I feel so blessed to be a part of the surrogate group and ConceiveAbilities. The support we are able to give and receive is such a beautiful thing.
    Gestational Surrogate
    ConceiveAbilities was incredible. I felt supported and confident through everything and I am happy to have the opportunity to work with them again.
    Gestational Surrogate
    I have been working with ConceiveAbilities for five years as a surrogate. Take it from me that all of the staff are amazing. Everyone from the owner down to the intake coordinators are approachable, respectful and caring. At every step of the process, they are there for you. Not just there, but really connected and involved in every aspect. You can tell everyone loves what they are doing. I am honored and proud to work with this agency.
    Gestational Surrogate

    FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions About Surrogacy and How to Become A Surrogate Mother

    Does a surrogate have to have already given birth?

    Yes. You have to have at least one healthy pregnancy and delivery without complications. Doctors need to ensure your body is able to carry a healthy pregnancy.

    What is a surrogate’s partner’s role in a surrogacy journey?

    A surrogate’s spouse or partner plays a vital role of support for the surrogate throughout her surrogacy journey. Watch surrogate Samantha share her perspective on her husband’s role in surrogacy.

    What are the different types of surrogacy?

    All of ConceiveAbilities surrogates are gestational carriers. The most common form of modern surrogacy is achieved through gestational surrogacy. Unlike traditional surrogates, a gestational surrogate undergoes in vitro fertilization and carries an embryo that was created with an egg from the intended mother (or donor) and sperm from the intended father (or donor).

    What are the qualifications to become a surrogate?

    Age, physical and mental health, previous pregnancies and US residency are basic qualifications you must meet to begin your surrogacy journey. Learn more about surrogate requirements and watch fertility expert Dr. Angie Beltsos explain the requirements to be a surrogate and why they are important. Don’t be discouraged if you think you may be disqualified to be a surrogate. Our experts will determine the next steps for you on your surrogate journey. You can also take this 5-minute survey to see if you meet the basic surrogate requirements.

    How can I find out how much I would make as a surrogate?

    Because more families are choosing surrogacy, surrogates are in high demand. To find out your personalized base surrogate compensation, use our surrogate pay calculator.

    Can I earn money referring surrogates to ConceiveAbilities?

    Yes. For every woman you recommend to become a surrogate earns, you can earn up to $650. And, your referred surrogate also earns rewards. The further she progresses in her journey, the more you both earn. And you can earn unlimited referral bonuses with your personalized referral link! Learn more about our surrogate referral program.

    I did not qualify to be an egg donor. Can I become a surrogate?

    Egg donor qualifications are not the same as requirements to be a surrogate. If you were interested in becoming an egg donor but did not meet the requirements, you may still be able to help someone grow their family by becoming a surrogate. Take our 5-minute survey to start your surrogacy journey.

    How do surrogates prepare for a successful surrogacy pregnancy?

    With any pregnancy, it is important to prepare yourself. Surrogacy pregnancies are different from a pregnancy of your own. Learn more about getting ready to be a surrogate on our blog collection How Do Surrogates Prepare For a Successful Surrogacy Journey.

    Can a surrogate use her own OB/GYN?

    Yes. Your initial care will be provided by the intended parent's Fertility Center and, as needed, a local monitoring facility that we help you arrange. As the pregnancy progresses, the Fertility Center will release you for care to an OB/GYN and, under most circumstances, your own OB/GYN can then take primary responsibility for your care.

    Will a surrogate need to travel long distances?

    Depending on your location, long distance travel with a companion could be required. If you are required to travel, you can expect 2 to 3 trips lasting approximately 1 to 4 days in total.

    Will lots of embryos be transferred to a surrogate?

    No. The field of assisted reproductive technology, and especially embryology, has undergone a revolution in recent years. For most surrogacy journeys, one embryo is transferred, per transfer. Single Embryo Transfer (“SET”) is now the norm because so much more is known about embryo quality and because the resulting pregnancy is so much safer.

    What if a surrogate doesn’t become pregnant?

    Typically, intended parents ask for a commitment from you for up to 3 embryo transfers, which allows most surrogates to become pregnant.

    After the baby is born, what is a surrogate responsible for?

    You are responsible for taking care of yourself, and we help and support you through that fourth trimester! The intended parents, by law, will have parental rights and responsibility to their child from the moment of birth .

    What resources do you have for a surrogate mother?

    When you become a surrogate, you will need a strong support system. We ensure you have personal support, while we also provide and connect you with professional support including a dedicated Match Manager along with legal, financial and emotional health experts. Our surrogates tell us that they feel strongest when they are able to connect with other surrogates. We foster surrogate-to-surrogate relationships through support groups and social communities. And the surrogate community extends beyond the special women who make this commitment – we also recognize the men behind surrogacy. Surrogacy is not a solo journey and you will want to lean on your partner, family and obstetrician for their input. We provide you the tools you need to have meaningful conversations with the people who matter most in your decision-making process. In addition to your Match Experience team, we provide a dedicated ConceiveAbilities Surrogate Sisterhood group to interact with you during your surrogacy journey and our online community Surrogacy Learning Center to connect with surrogate experts, professionals, and other people who are on or have been on a surrogacy journey.

    What should a surrogate expect from her relationship with the intended parents?

    This is where our years of experience and Matching Matters® methodology is most meaningful. We cultivate the right relationship between all parties. We work to establish mutual expectations for the kind of relationship the surrogate and intended parents each envision. We know that expectations will vary from one match to the next. Some relationships can be deeply personal and some less so. We always encourage communication among the participants, but some have more frequent communication than others. The kind of relationship you are interested in will be explored before and during a potential match with intended parents. In fact, at first introduction by ConceiveAbilities, 97% of surrogates and intended parents choose to move forward together.

    Is surrogacy normal?

    Yes, surrogacy is commonly practiced today and is the most successful infertility treatment according to the CDC. As surrogacy makes more headlines and medical advances continue, more women are excited to learn about becoming a surrogate. Watch fertility expert Dr. Eve Feinberg with Northwestern Medicine Center for Fertility and Reproductive Medicine Chicago in Chicago talking about how surrogacy is normal.

    When is the right time to become a surrogate?

    We work on your timeline. If you are considering becoming a surrogate, you will want to take your own circumstances like family, work and obligations into consideration. You can contact any of our volunteer surrogate advocates to ask when they knew it was the right time for them to be a surrogate.

    Do surrogates get paid to pump breast milk?

    Some intended parents want the surrogate to supply breastmilk for their child. If the surrogate agrees, she will be compensated for pumping breastmilk. Learn more about the Pros and Cons of Pumping Breast Milk As A Surrogate.

    What is the best surrogacy podcast to learn about becoming a surrogate?

    Subscribe and listen to All Things Conceivable: A Surrogacy Podcast with Nazca Fontes to hear stories from experienced surrogates, intended parents and fertility doctors and surrogacy professionals.

    Does a surrogate get to choose who is in the delivery room?

    Yes. Sometimes a surrogate chooses her partner and her intended parents. The number of people allowed in the room is determined by the hospital and has sometimes been limited during COVID-19. This is all discussed as part of building your Birth Plan.

    How often do surrogates travel to a fertility clinic?

    Most surrogates travel twice to the IVF clinic; once for an initial medical workup and then for transfer of the embryo.

    How do surrogates make a birth plan?

    Through our All-In Care and Compensation Program, we provide you in-depth resources and information to consider all of your preferences and options for your birthing experience. All of this helps you form your thoughts so that you are well-prepared when it’s time to create a Birth Plan with your intended parent(s), facilitated by your Match Manager.

    Why is medical screening important?

    Your safety as a surrogate is our priority. It is imperative for both the surrogate and the baby she is carrying that she is physically and mentally healthy to carry a surrogacy pregnancy. The detailed review that ConceiveAbilities will conduct as part of your surrogate application process gives you confidence that, if it goes well and when it’s time, a fertility center will also agree that you are qualified to be a healthy and successful surrogate.

    Why is the surrogate screening process so thorough?

    We want to make sure that you are able to complete a healthy and successful surrogacy journey, for both you and the baby. Our screening process is very thorough because we only want you to invest months of time and emotion into matching with intended parents and moving forward in a process if a fertility center is likely to agree that you can be a healthy and successful surrogate.

    Why is legal support so important for a surrogacy journey?

    Surrogate rights are very important. We provide you with legal guidance so you fully understand your rights and create your surrogacy contract accordingly. Learn more about the rights of a surrogate mother on our blog Surrogate Rights.

    Where can I learn about becoming a surrogate?

    We have a lot of learning resources for women thinking about becoming a surrogate including The Surrogacy Learning Center, our blog Everything You Need to Know About Surrogacy and more, and our surrogacy podcast. You can also watch information videos on Conceiveabilities YouTube channel.

    Is a surrogate in charge of her own medical decisions?

    Yes. As a surrogate, you are in charge of your own medical decision.

    I have had my fallopian tubes tied. Can I still become a surrogate?

    Yes. In fact, a prior tubal ligation can be ideal because it ensures you can’t get pregnant on your own during the beginning of the surrogacy process. As long as your uterus is healthy, you will make a great surrogate candidate. Learn more about IVF After Tubal Ligation.

    I took Letrozole to become pregnant with my own child. Can I still become a surrogate?

    Yes. Use of Letrozole, or Clomid, to achieve a successful pregnancy has no bearing on whether you can become a surrogate. Those medicines are meant to assist with ovulation, which is not a factor for you when it comes to surrogacy. An embryo will be transferred to you and you will have no genetic relationship with the baby

    Why does choosing a national, experienced surrogacy agency make sense for a surrogate?

    Not only do you earn top surrogate pay, fourth trimester care and monthly care packages with our first-in-class All-In Surrogate Care and Compensation Program, you avoid the unnecessary headaches of working with a less experienced agency or navigating the complexity of a surrogacy journey without an advocate. Without a national agency, a surrogate opens herself up to many potential pitfalls and unnecessary risks financially, legally and medically. With 25 years of experience and an exceptionally strong network of industry experts, we know how to protect and advocate for a surrogate and head off potential problems in a surrogacy journey. Additionally, because of our decades of expertise in the industry, we dramatically shorten the timeline and increase the chances for a sustained relationship for everyone involved in the surrogacy journey. Independent journeys can start with good intent but simply never occur. And, most importantly, we honor your selflessness in helping another family who otherwise can’t build their family by managing the process for you, allowing you to focus on translating your dream into reality.

    Where is ConceiveAbilities Surrogacy & Egg Donor Agency located?

    ConceiveAbilities is a national surrogacy agency headquartered in Chicago, Illinois. We have been at the forefront of the industry for 25 years working locally in every major city and many rural locales across the United States, as well as internationally. We have matched thousands of surrogates with the intended families they were meant to help, making dreams of a family for hopeful people become reality. We have the knowledge and network of a national surrogacy agency, and the personal touch of a small one, to make sure we provide you with best-in-class service.

    More Research About Becoming A Surrogate

    More questions about becoming a surrogate?

    Printable Resources for you and your family as you learn about surrogacy together

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