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Choose the ConceiveAbilities surrogate mother program in Minneapolis, Saint Paul, Duluth, Bloomington, Rochester & communities throughout Minnesota.

Since 1996, ConceiveAbilities has provided unmatched third party reproduction services to surrogate mothers and intended parents. Our surrogacy program features exceptional gestational surrogates from the state of Minnesota and all over the U.S. Our primary goal is to successfully guide surrogate mothers and intended parents through what can sometimes be a very complicated process.

Throughout cities like Minneapolis, Saint Paul, Duluth, Bloomington, Rochester and others in the North Star State, our surrogate program has received praise for its exceptional professionalism, expertise and personalized attention. Our approach to surrogacy has garnered us the gratitude of countless surrogate mothers and parents-to-be from the U.S. and other countries all over the world who find the staff’s support to be outstanding.

Many of the intended parents and gestational carriers that have come through our program have nothing but positive things to say about ConceiveAbilities; calling us “an outstanding organization, from top to bottom” and “an incredible source of hope and inspiration”, and saying “no other agency supports surrogates and intended parents like ConceiveAbilities does.”

For Intended Parents

"Becoming a Parent with ConceiveAbilities"

Once you have chosen ConceiveAbilities to help you on your journey to parenthood, we will be there to assist you throughout the entire surrogacy process. Becoming a parent through surrogacy can be challenging, but the rewards are well worth the effort. Our staff is happy to provide surrogacy services to intended parents in Minnesota.

For Surrogate Mothers

Requirements for Becoming a Surrogate Mother in Minnesota

ConceiveAbilities is grateful to every woman who wishes to volunteer their time as a surrogate mother in Minnesota. However, there are a number of requirements that must be met to qualify for our surrogacy program in Minnesota. A few surrogate requirements include:

  • Age between 21-39 years old
  • BMI between 18-34
  • Not underweight/under 100 pounds
  • No history of gastric bypass
  • Not currently on government financial support
  • Have given birth to and be raising at least one child
  • Must provide OB/GYN records and a clearance letter

Learn more about our list of surrogate mother requirements.

Surrogate Mother Compensation in Minnesota

Knowing that you have helped create a family for another person is a very satisfying reward in its own right, but ConceiveAbilities believes you should still be substantially compensated for the sacrifices you make. Compensation for our surrogate mothers will include:

  • Medical co-payments
  • Maternity clothing
  • Required medication
  • Lawyer fees
  • Travel expenses (if applicable)
  • Wages lost during surrogacy (if applicable)

Learn more about surrogate mother pay.

Become a Surrogate Mother in Minnesota (MN)

Your willingness to become a surrogate mother is nothing short of remarkable. You will be bringing joy to potential parents by making their dreams of starting a family come true; and there is no other feeling like it in the world. One of our more recent surrogates came out of the process saying “There haven’t been many experiences in my life more rewarding than this.”>

At ConceiveAbilities, we know firsthand the incredible sacrifice and effort surrogates give to help make a parent’s dream come true. Deb Lev (M.A., L.P.C.), our Director of Surrogacy, started her family with the assistance of a surrogate. This one-of-a-kind perspective ensures that we treat every gestational carrier with the understanding, kindness and respect they deserve. Becoming a surrogate mother in Minnesota means joining our exclusive Surrogate Sisterhood.

Learn more about becoming a surrogate mother.

Get started with surrogacy in Minneapolis, MN.

Whether you are an intended parent or a surrogate applicant, the process for getting started is easy, secure & confidential. Go ahead and take the first step with ConceiveAbilities.

Questions? Learn more about ConceiveAbilities.

For questions about our agency's Minneapolis-St.Paul surrogacy program or more information about becoming a surrogate mother in Minnesota, please contact ConceiveAbilities.

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