International Family Creation: Surrogacy Overseas

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It did not matter that we are halfway across the world... We have built a beautiful friendship, and they feel like family to me.

You’ve made the courageous choice to take a step toward having a baby, and we are here to help. ConceiveAbilities® has the clinic relationships and legal knowledge of American surrogacy. No matter where in the world you live, we believe you deserve to pursue your dream of having a family. Our passion is building families. We believe in you.

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A global network of expertise

We provide referrals for legal arrangements to ensure you have the best legal representation and protections, as well as to the best fertility doctors and centers worldwide.

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Best-in-class legal knowledge

We have decades of experience with legal counsel in the US and abroad to make sure your child’s citizenship documents are in order for returning home. This includes same-sex partnerships and any country-specific legal issue you need addressed as you explore international surrogacy.

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Facilitation of all travel

We coordinate your match with a ConceiveAbilities surrogate or egg donor who can travel to your preferred US clinic and facilitate all travel arrangements for both egg donors and surrogates. We are exceptionally skilled in multi-party logistics, not just multi-party relationships—including international egg donation.

Legal expertise that makes American surrogacy possible

Based in the US, we work as an international surrogacy agency with all countries, including ones where surrogacy is not supported. We have created families in Sweden, Argentina, Spain and China, as well as Belgium. Our matching program brings intended parents from all over the world together with surrogates from the United States. We help make the process as secure as possible as we help you navigate international surrogacy laws.

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One world, seamless and secure process

For more than 20 years we have helped international intended parents from around the globe build their families with fertility clinics and assisted reproductive technologies. We are ready to help you create yours.

Start your journey
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International surrogacy program

We work with international intended parents and help them navigate surrogacy abroad. We advise and coordinate the medical and travel process, as well as on a US birth certificate and US Declaration of Parentage. We have years of experience with these matters.

International surrogacy cost

The cost of surrogacy varies based on your individual situation, including the home country of you and your match. To learn more, begin an application.

Difference between international and domestic surrogacy

They are many differences between international and domestic surrogacy, as well as some similarities. We have the expertise to help you work with fertility clinics both abroad and domestic. We also educate you on assisted reproductive technologies and make sure your surrogacy journey meets the highest medical standards.

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