How Much Do Surrogate Mothers Get Paid?

First time surrogates can make up to $72,000 with ConceiveAbilities depending on where you live and your current salary. This includes our $10,000 limited time bonus! Check out our surrogacy pay calculator to find out your personalized base pay. And, your compensation is assembled in one easy and simple package of payments with no receipt tracking.

Surrogates are the heart of our program and we make sure you know how much we value you. Becoming a surrogate is a courageous decision. We know it’s about more than money. We are invested in your safety, security and support. Not only are we the highest paying surrogacy agency, we prioritize your custom surrogate financial package so you have no bumps in the road that take you away from your dream of becoming a surrogate. Because we value your labor of love and because you are needed, ConceiveAbilities is proud to offer our first-of-its-kind All-In Surrogate Care and Compensation Program.

All-In Surrogate Care & Compensation Package

Your terms, our program:

  • The perfect match and timing for you. We have plenty of options for surrogates to be immediately matched, once you qualify. Do you want to get started but not be pregnant until next year? We can do that too.
  • Highest surrogate compensation in the field, meeting your needs for what you decide you need most. Housekeeping? Childcare? Maternity clothes? You decide what you need. Do you need to take some time off work? Covered. Totally.
  • Full postpartum care and support through your fourth trimester. You’ve come full circle and we are invested in ensuring you are fully recovered and stronger than ever at the end of your surrogacy journey, knowing the joy you have brought to another family. Watch ConceiveAbilities’ surrogate Samantha share her experience with surrogate support.
  • Monthly care packages, because we love to let you know how much we appreciate you, with items that are hand-selected based on what is most appealing to you.

Our All-In Surrogate Care and Compensation Program is a first in the marketplace, and possible only because of ConceiveAbilities’ long-standing track record for doing what we say we will do for the surrogates, intended parents, and professionals we have worked with for decades. With 25 years of experience, you can trust that we are the best surrogacy agency for you and any woman considering becoming a surrogate. Your surrogate compensation includes:

  • Medical care: We have a sterling reputation with the highest quality fertility clinics and reproductive endocrinologists, with our nursing staff available to help field and guide resolution of your questions.
  • Health & safety: More than 95% of our surrogates pass medical evaluation on the first attempt making sure you have a healthy surrogacy journey. ConceiveAbilities is known for its careful and detailed review process which gives you confidence that we will only take you into the matching process if we are confident you will be approved as a surrogate by an IVF clinic.
  • Legal guidance: With decades of experience in every state, we use our know-how to help ensure that the terms of your contract with your intended parents are both valid and enforced and that parentage is properly established.
  • Protection: Insurance coverage? Money negotiations? Payment disputes? Handled. Not your problem. And, you receive a straightforward no-surprises financial package for your compensation, including wage and salary replenishment for all income levels.
  • Emotional support: Continuing through your full recovery from the pregnancy, we provide dedicated support, with mental health professionals on staff, to guide and help you through this demanding time in your life. We help you build your relationship with your IPs, using our decades of experience across 100s of surrogacy journeys to guide you through tough conversations and potential conflicts. You, your voice and your choices are at the forefront of your surrogacy journey.
  • Personalized consultation: Expert support covering the facts behind, and options for:
    • Doula care and birth preparation
    • Physical therapy
    • Nutrition
    • Fitness / movement

And, as the nation’s most experienced surrogacy agency, your ConceiveAbilities Match Manager will serve as your primary point of contact and lead your entire match experience team to guide you and your intended parents on the journey ahead, step-by-step.

Frequently Asked Question About How Much Surrogates Earn

Does surrogate pay change depending on where a surrogate lives?

Yes, if you live in a high demand area, you will earn more. You can use our personalized surrogate pay calculator to see your base pay.

Are a surrogate’s lost wages covered?

Yes. As part of our All-In Surrogate Care & Compensation Package, we ensure your lost wages are covered.

With surrogates in high demand, is there a bonus for becoming a surrogate?

Yes, more families than ever are choosing surrogacy to build their families and surrogates are needed. You will earn a $10,000 bonus for becoming a surrogate with ConceiveAbilities for a limited time.

Does a repeat surrogate get paid more for her second surrogacy journey?

Yes, if you are a surrogate who is experienced, you will earn more base compensation. Watch two-time surrogate and Surrogate Engagement Coordinator Ashtin Gurevitz explain more about repeat surrogate pay.

Is mental health for a surrogate covered in surrogate pay?

Yes. As part of our All-In Surrogate Care and Compensation Package we ensure your mental health is a priority. You will have a mental health professional as part of your match experience team, monthly peer support groups and access to our surrogate sisterhood facebook group as well as the Surrogacy Learning Center to connect with others in the surrogacy community.

Is a surrogate liable for any hospital bills?

No. As a surrogate, you are not liable for any hospital bills. If any issue comes up with medical payments, ConceiveAbilities will work with your intended parents, insurance and medical providers to resolve and pay the bill.

How much do surrogates make?

One of the most common questions we receive is: How much do surrogates make? ConceiveAbilities’ surrogate compensation package is the highest surrogate compensation of any surrogacy agency. Period. Talk to us and we’ll make sure it is so.

ConceiveAbilities State of Surrogacy

Frequently Asked Questions About Surrogate Mother Pay FAQs

Who Will Cover the Costs Associated With My Surrogate Pregnancy?

All of your surrogate expenses are paid by insurance or the intended parents. Your compensation package at ConceiveAbilities allows you to get paid on a regular basis, limits any out-of-pocket expenses for you, and let’s you decide what you need most. Housekeeping? Childcare? Maternity clothes? Your decision. Do you need to take some time off work? Covered totally, with full wage and salary replenishment.

Why Do Women Become Surrogates?

ConceiveAbilities recently hired research firm Accelerant Research to better understand surrogates. The firm surveyed 100 surrogates, more than 500 qualified surrogacy prospects and more than 1,000 women from the general population. Of the surrogates and qualified surrogacy prospects, Accelerant found:

How Does Surrogate Pay Work?

What you earn as a surrogate at ConceiveAbilities is structured into easy and timely scheduled payments, so that you can focus on a healthy and successful surrogacy journey without the burden of submitting receipts for reimbursement. Further, we package all of your payments in a simple way that allows you to plan ahead in the way that is best for you and your family. Our surrogates tell us how much they appreciate this convenience.

Your base pay is one package, that is divided into pre-pregnancy, pregnancy, and post-pregnancy payments.

  • Your pre-pregnancy payments total $4,000 and are made in three installments, which start the day after your medical work-up and continue until the embryo is transferred to you. We make these payments because we know that your time and effort start well before you are pregnant.
  • During your pregnancy, you’ll receive 8 equal installments, which start after the second confirmation of the fetal heartbeat and are paid monthly. Your pregnancy payments are fully earned by 32 weeks of gestation. In addition to compensating you for your time and effort with a pregnancy, these payments are generous to cover those expenses that you decide on, based on what’s best for you and your family, such as maternity clothes, help with routine childcare and housekeeping, or over-the-counter vitamins.
  • Post-pregnancy, we know you’ll need dedicated time and expenses for recovery. We acknowledge your investment with a post birth one-time payment of $3,000, and more based on your current wages, so you can have total peace of mind.
  • Your pre-pregnancy, pregnancy, and post-pregnancy payments are, together, your base pay.

Depending on the circumstances of your pregnancy, you may earn more money in addition to your base pay.

  • Are multiple transfers required for a successful pregnancy? If so, you will earn an additional $2,000 for each transfer.
  • Are multiple fertility medication cycles required for a successful embryo transfer? If so, you will earn an additional $1,000 for each cycle.
  • Are other medical procedures necessary during your pregnancy or at birth? If so, you will earn additional payments including, for instance, $2,500 for a first-time Cesarean section.
  • Are you willing to pump breast milk, post-pregnancy? If so, you will earn $350 per week, plus shipping and supplies.
  • Is it necessary for you to be on bed rest? If so, there are generous provisions to allow you to fully replenish any lost wages and salary, and to provide for additional help with childcare and housekeeping.
  • Is it necessary for your partner to take some time off of work to help you? If so, there are also provisions for your partner’s investment of time and effort in your surrogacy journey.

So, how much does a surrogate make... applied to you. Use our surrogacy pay calculator to get an estimate of your own base pay. And, start dreaming a bit about how that money can help you and your family while helping someone else build their family. From paying off debt, saving for your child/children’s education, buying a car, funding a down payment for a new home, creating a safety net for your family, the list goes on and on.

What is a surrogacy escrow?

A surrogacy escrow account is a financial account set up and fully funded at the beginning of your surrogacy journey. Learn more about how this type of account protects you on our blog Do I Need a Surrogacy Escrow?

Does a surrogate need her own insurance?

If you have insurance and surrogacy is covered, the intended parent(s) will pay any deductibles and out-of-pocket expenses. If you do not have insurance or your health insurance does not cover surrogacy, the intended parent(s) will purchase a policy that will cover you for the entirety of your surrogacy journey.

Do surrogates have any out of pocket expense?

No, your financial compensation takes into consideration what you will need for a surrogacy journey so you can apply it to your needs without having to submit receipts for reimbursement.

Do surrogates get paid if they do not get pregnant?

You will start receiving payments before you become pregnant. Those payments can include pre-pregnancy payments for completion of medical screening, beginning injectable fertility medication and embryo transfer.

I know a woman who would be a great surrogate. Can I earn money by referring her as a surrogate?

Yes. For every woman you recommend to become a surrogate earns, you can earn up to $650. And your referred surrogate also earns rewards. The further she progresses in her journey, the more you both earn. And you can earn unlimited referral bonuses with your personalized referral link! Learn more about our surrogate referral program.

Do surrogates get paid to pump breast milk for intended parents?

Yes. You are compensated for pumping milk for your intended parents. Some intended parents want the surrogate to supply breastmilk for their child. If you agree, you will be compensated for pumping breastmilk. Learn more about the Pros and Cons of Pumping Breast Milk As A Surrogate.

Does a surrogate have to pump breast milk?

No. If the intended parent asks you to pump breast milk, you are able to decide what is best for you and your family. If you do decide you want to pump, you will be compensated.

How do surrogates handle questions about surrogate pay?

Every surrogate has different strategies for how she responds to people who ask her about how much she makes being a surrogate. Our monthly peer groups and private surrogate sisterhood Facebook group are great places to hear how others handle questions about her surrogate salary. You can also connect with others in the surrogacy community on The Surrogacy Learning Center. This is also a good blog about surrogacy myths that may help others understand surrogacy more.

What are the dangers of women becoming a surrogate without the help of an agency?

There are many pitfalls you can experience with an independent surrogacy journey like misunderstandings about money, poor communication and problems with legal or insurance matters. Many of these journeys, unfortunately, simply never start. With ConceiveAbilities, we ensure you are fully protected financially and contractually and help you manage any concerns you encounter throughout the surrogacy process so that you can live your dream of helping another family.

Do surrogates get paid more for a sibling journey?

When you are matched for your surrogacy journey, you may agree to do a sibling journey. Repeat surrogates do earn more compensation because they are experienced. Learn more on our blog Should I Do A Repeat Surrogate Journey.

Is surrogate compensation taxable?

ConceiveAbilities does not issue 1099’s to surrogates. Please consult your tax professional.

Do surrogates have to report her income to the IRS?

ConceiveAbilities does not issue 1099’s to surrogates. Please consult your tax professional.

Does ConceiveAbilities issue 1099's to surrogates for her surrogate compensation?

ConceiveAbilities does not issue 1099’s to surrogates. Please consult your tax professional.

Do surrogates have to submit receipts for reimbursement?

No, our package makes it easy so you do not have to submit any receipts for reimbursement.

How much does the average surrogate get paid?

First time surrogates can make up to $72,000, depending on experience, location and other individual circumstances. Check out our surrogate pay calculator to find out more!

Do surrogates earn more based on where they live?

Yes, surrogates in high demand areas do earn more money. Use our surrogate pay calculator to find out your base pay.

Do surrogates have to pay for travel?

No. Any travel necessary is paid for by the Intended parents. It does not come out of your compensation package. You can choose to use a travel agent recommended by ConceiveAbilities or you can book your own travel based on your personal preference.

Can I become a surrogate if I have a full-time job?

Yes, many of our surrogates have a full time career. And, as part of our All-In Surrogate Care and Compensation Package, you will be compensated if you have any lost wages due to your surrogacy journey. Learn more about becoming a surrogate if you work full-time.

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