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Nazca Fontes on NewsNation

As leaders in contemporary family creation, we are always looking for ways to share our perspectives, news and breakthroughs with as many people as possible. We are proud to have been featured by the BBC, NPR, The Today Show and The New York Times. If you are a member of the press, please contact us here.

Michigan Legalizes Surrogacy

Intended parents Kyle and Randy joined our Director of Legal Services Gina-Marie Madow on WILX-TV in Lansing, Michigan to share how this news impacts families and women who want to become surrogates in Michigan.

Empowering Lactating Women: ConceiveAbilities Surrogacy Agency Renews Impactful Milk Bank Challenge

ConceiveAbilities, a surrogacy and egg donation agency dedicated to empowering women to find their giving journey, is once again relaunching the exceptionally impactful Milk Bank Challenge.

ConceiveAbilities Launches $5 for $5 Teacher Challenge to Support Early Childhood Educators During the Holiday Season

Read about how ConceiveAbilities is supporting teachers this holiday season.

ConceiveAbilities Celebrates Milestone Achievement: Surpassing One Million Ounces with the Milk Bank Challenge

We are proud to announce the outstanding success of the #MilkBankChallenge. Surpassing an ambitious 2023 goal of 1 million ounces, due to the generosity of more than 1,000 lactating and giving women, the initiative has already achieved this remarkable milestone.

ConceiveAbilities Applauds the New Definition of Infertility

ConceiveAbilities weighs in on the new inclusive definition of infertility and what that means for the LGBTQ+ and single communities.

ConceiveAbilities Featured on

CEO Cathy Kenworthy shares how ConceiveAbilities continues to lead the surrogacy industry through innovation, experience and technology.

Sharing Surrogacy with Talking with Tata Podcast

Listen to Nazca Fontes on Talking with Tata to learn more about the surrogacy process and why Matching Matters.

ConceiveAbilities Unveils Industry Leading Surrogate Compensation Package

ConceiveAbilities is the best surrogacy agency for surrogates because we listened to what matters most to them and created the best All-In Surrogate Care and Compensation package!

Nazca Fontes celebrates surpassing the #MilkBankChallenge goal of 500,000 with WGN Daytime Chicago!

Influential People features ConceiveAbilities founder Nazca Fontes on celebrating 25 years of building families.

ConceiveAbilities #MilkBankChallenge makes Yahoo News and NJ Family for Giving Tuesday.

Conceiveabilities blog about Surrogate Rights featured in The List.

Milk Bank Challenge

With almost 50,000 ounces of breast milk donated, ConceiveAbilities extends the #MilkBankChallenge! Learn how you can join the #MilkBankChallenge and receive a one-time $250 gift card or a one-time matching donation up to $250 for any financial contribution to your local nonprofit milk bank!

ConceiveAbilities Surrogate, Samantha Beer, shares her surrogacy journey with Business Insider, why she became a surrogate, how she matched with her intended family, and the life changing moment of delivery, "I was overwhelmed with gratitude for the fact that I was capable of doing this, and that the universe put me in touch with the right people to do this together."

Business Insider - Samantha Beer and family
Nazca and Formidable Woman Magazine

ConceiveAbilities founder and CEO, Nazca Fontes talks to Formidable Woman Magazine about founding the most experienced surrogacy agency in the United States.

Nazca Fontes joins NewsNation to share what ConceiveAbilities Surrogacy agency is doing to help during the baby formula shortage.

NewsNation on NewsNation
WGN Milk supplies

Nazca Fontes is featured on WGN’s Daytime Chicago for ConceiveAbilities Surrogacy Agency’s #MilkBankChallenge.

Tampa’s Suncoast View invited ConceiveAbilities founder Nazca Fontes on their show to share ConceiveAbilities #MilkBankChallenge campaign to help families feed their babies during the infant formula shortage.

Tampa’s Suncoast View
The Bump

Read The Bump’s article about how ConceiveAbilities Surrogacy and Egg Donor Agency is helping families during the baby formula shortage.

ConceiveAbilities is featured in MSP Magazine article about Minnesota surrogates!

MSP Magazine
Yahoo News

Founder Nazca Fontes celebrate Conceiveabilities Surrogacy and Egg Donor agency’s 25th year anniversary by sharing 5 lessons she has learned through surrogacy in Yahoo! News.

ConceiveAbilities Surrogacy Agency featured in Healthline’s What is Gestational Surrogacy?

Healthline What is Gestational Surrogacy
VeryWell Family

Two ConceiveAbilities Families share their surrogacy journeys with VeryWell Family 7 Families Share Their Surrogacy Journey.

Florida Surrogate Andrea Brenes shares her surrogacy journey with Miami’s NBC 6 In The Mix.

Andrea Brenes - Miami’s NBC 6
Lara Beth Levy New York Post

Lara Beth Levy shares her unique surrogacy journey with the New York Post’s Hilaria Baldwin isn’t Alone With Surrogate Twinbling Babies.

ConceiveAbilities is featured in New York Post’s Surrogacy legal in NY: What this means for New Yorkers.

New York Post - Surrogacy Legal in NY
Business Insider

ConceiveAbilities Director of Legal Services, Gina Marie Madow is featured in Business Insider’s What It's Like Being An Egg Donor.

Miami surrogate, Andrea Brenes shares her experience as a ConceiveAbilities surrogate in Florida with Miami Moms.

Andrea Brenes - Miami Moms
Kristi Graves - KDVR Colorado’s Best

Denver surrogate Kristi Graves is featured on KDVR Colorado’s Best on How To Become A Surrogate.

Florida Surrogate Andrea Brenes is highlighted on Chaotic Commute!

Andrea Brenes - Chaotic Commute
Mile High Mamas Denver blog

Mile High Mamas Denver blog highlights ConceiveAbilities surrogate Kristi Graves and why she became a surrogate mother.

ConceiveAbilities is featured on Milwaukee’s TMJ4 about surrogacy during the pandemic.

Milwaukee’s TMJ4
Nazca Fontes on The Whitney Reynolds Show

Nazca Fontes shares the surrogacy process with the award-winning PBS Show The Whitney Reynolds Show

ConceiveAbilities is featured in Healthline’s Your Guide to the Egg Donation Process.

Healthline Egg Donation Process
Raise Magazine New York legalization of surrogacy

Nazca Fontes is featured in this Raise Magazine op-ed about New York legalization of surrogacy and why more states should follow suit.

New York Surrogate Rebecca Kitchin shares becoming a surrogate in NY with CBS New York.

Surrogate Rebecca Kitchin on CBS New York

ConceiveAbilities’ family Alex and Kelly Cesare and Nazca Fontes are featured on NewsNation’s article New York Lawmakers End Ban on Commercial Surrogacy.

ConceiveAbilities’ surrogates, Kristina and Kristine, are two of five women who were featured in a recent Marie Claire article on why they chose to carry someone else’s child. The piece touches on the complex history of surrogacy and gives a nod to how celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Neil Patrick Harris, among others, have begun to normalize surrogacy in an effort to grow their families. Because of this recent normalization, more and more women are ...

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Pictures of 5 surrogates at the top, below the title

As a leader in the field of third-party reproduction, ConceiveAbilities was tapped by Elle Magazine to help educate others on the process of surrogacy. ConceiveAbilities’ Founder and CEO, Nazca Fontes, shared her thoughts on how the practice of surrogacy has grown and become more normalized over the past several years. The documentary follows the journey of ConceiveAbilities Surrogate, Jessica, as she carries a baby for single Intended Mother, Jennifer. It analyzes the surrogacy journey from bo...

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