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ConceiveAbilities has been amazing, especially throughout this process, because it is so new to New York and they have so much experience.

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ConceiveAbilities is a leading surrogacy center in New York City, matching intended parents with New York surrogates like you throughout the Northeast and across the United States. Our local New York surrogacy agency is here to support every step of your surrogacy journey. We have helped hundreds of women in the Tri-State area become surrogates.

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What Sets ConceiveAbilities Apart from Other Surrogacy Agencies in New York?

As one of the oldest agencies in America, we’ve been at the forefront of a changing landscape alongside New York’s finest doctors and professionals. We have the on-the-ground experience to protect your interests as a surrogate at every step, so you can focus on the joy of helping another family build their family and get paid well for doing so.

ConceiveAbilities invests in building a large community of great surrogates because, simply, surrogates sit at the very heart of our program.

  • Read more about our process, including how we find your perfect intended parents.
  • Our surrogate compensation package is one of the most generous, and well-planned, in the field. Use our personalized calculator to find out what you can earn in New York.
  • Our surrogate requirements make sure your surrogacy journey is as healthy and successful as possible, and hear from a Reproductive Endocrinologist about these requirements. Review these basic criteria to find out if you qualify as a surrogate candidate.

We work with ease through our own online platform to ensure surrogacy is efficient and safe for you and our Midtown office in Manhattan is also available to you and easily accessible from The Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island and the Greater New York metropolitan area.

Is Surrogacy Legal in New York?

Yes it is and we are working with surrogates right now. Compensated surrogacy is legal in New York! Up until this year, it was illegal for a New York resident to be a paid gestational surrogate. That is all in the past!

With the legalization of paid surrogacy in New York, there are now so many families that can be helped. For instance, Alex and Kelly Cesare knew they wouldn’t be able to carry their own child, because Kelly had two heart transplants and is a childhood cancer survivor. Read more about the Cesare family’s surrogacy journey, as well as the experience of our own New York-based surrogate Rebecca Kitchin, in the New York Post: Surrogacy Legal in New York: What This Means for New Yorkers.

On February 15, 2021, the state of New York legalized paid surrogacy, a milestone event that will help thousands of people struggling with fertility build families. "This is a triumph for modern families," said Nazca Fontes, CEO of ConceiveAbilities. "New Yorkers will no longer have to hopscotch around the country, incurring ridiculous costs, absurd inconvenience and now the risk of COVID infection, just to become a parent."

New York joined 47 other states in permitting compensated gestational surrogacy with a state-of-the-art law. Known as the Child-Parent Security Act, this law supports the dreams of those individuals and couples who struggle with infertility and members of the LGBTQ+ community who long to be parents, as well as New York women who have found their calling in surrogacy. This law is the difference that allows you as a New York resident and surrogate mother to fulfill your purpose to help your matched parents-to-be grow their family. Watch our founder, Nazca Fontes, speak to NewsNation about the new law.

And, read our oped calling for all states to follow in New York’s courageous steps to make paid surrogacy legal everywhere.

Do New York courts grant pre-birth orders?

Yes, the Child-Parent Security Act allows for a judgment of parentage to be issued prior to birth, but the court order shall not be effective until the birth of the child.

Is a hearing required to obtain a pre-birth order in New York?

No. The statute does not specifically mandate that a hearing is held before issuing a judgment of parentage, however, the need for a hearing may be left up to the discretion of a judge.

Your New York Surrogacy Team: What You Need To Know

We partner with the best in the surrogacy field throughout New York because New York City is home to top-rated surrogate teams. ConceiveAbilities has deep relationships with the surrogate professionals, fertility experts and infertility doctors you will need to complete your surrogacy journey in New York including leading fertility clinics like CCRM-NYC, NYU Langone Fertility Center, RMA of New York and Shady Grove Fertility in New York.

Dr. James Grifo, director of NYU Langone Fertility clinic was a guest on All Things Conceivable: A Surrogacy Podcast and shared what the new law means for New Yorkers who want to become parents with the help of a surrogate and how the law provides surrogates in New York some of the best protections in the world.

New York's new law includes the Surrogates' Bill of Rights, the strongest protections for surrogates in the country. These include:

  • The surrogate must be at least 21-years-old
  • Intended parents must pay for the surrogate's legal counsel
  • Intended parents are required to pay for health and life insurance for one year after the surrogate gives birth
  • Minimum compensation of $35,000 for the surrogate (and ConceiveAbilities’ minimum compensation for our New York surrogates starts well above $35,000).

Why Should You Be A Surrogate Mother in New York?

ConceiveAbilities recently hired research firm Accelerant Research to better understand surrogates. The firm surveyed 100 surrogates, more than 500 qualified surrogacy prospects, and more than 1,000 women from the general population "We found that the single biggest motivation for surrogates is the simple desire to help," Fontes said. "Eighty-seven percent said they find joy in helping others; 74% reported they are motivated by a sense of empowerment as a surrogate." ConceiveAbilities Surrogate Rebecca Kitchin shared her motivation to be a New York gestational carrier with CBS 2 New York’s Carolyn Gusoff. Inspired by Rebecca? Learn more about how to become a surrogate by joining our Surrogacy Learning Center.

Be a NY Surrogate and Make Dreams Come True

You, as a surrogate mother, have the power to help hopeful parents’ dreams of a family come true. Many New Yorkers, including celebrities like Andy Cohen, Tyra Banks, Anderson Cooper, Jimmy Fallon & Nancy Juvonen, and Sarah Jessica Parker & Matthew Broderick, have used surrogacy to build their own families. Alec and Hilaria Baldwin also had their fifth child through surrogacy after giving birth to her fourth child just months before. The NY Post’s Hilaria Baldwin isn’t the only one with surrogate ‘twinblings’ babies featured our Intended parent Lara Beth who also had twiblings through her own surrogacy journey with her ConceiveAbilities surrogate, Celeste!

Learn more about the families you will help by becoming a surrogate in New York, like Andrea Syrtash, and hearing her own story, first-hand.

The Big Apple, The City of Dreams, The City That Never Sleeps. Whatever the world calls New York City, you call it home. As America’s largest city, New York offers families the energy and excitement of living and raising their families in one of the world’s cultural epicenters. We are proud to serve the diverse, global community that, like you, calls New York home. With the passing of the New York Surrogacy Law, we are grateful to now expand our services and match surrogates who live in New York and couples struggling with infertility, gay dads and single parents-to-be to ensure the best surrogacy partnership for everyone. No need to travel out-of-state!

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Testimonials about our surrogacy agency:

Thank you to ConceiveAbilities for being such an amazing support for myself and my family, for making a wonderful match and for caring about all of the gestational surrogates as if they were your own family. This experience has been one that has changed me as a person, mother, friend and wife.

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