ASRM Surrogacy Guidelines Update

Be a surrogate

Surrogacy has been in the news more than ever recently, so it was no surprise to us that The American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) issued new guidelines for the process last week. It was also no surprise that, as an agency priding itself on providing the most current and accurate assistance to our clients, we are already meeting those requirements.

The document, which is available for review on the ASRM official website, aims to provide more guidance and clarity on topics such as the screening and testing of the genetic parents and gestational carriers, and updates on optimal screening and testing for STDs and psychological assessments. There are many complex medical and psychological issues involved, and while the recommendations are primarily geared toward physicians and other professionals, it can be a good read if you are considering working with a surrogate.

At ConceiveAbilities, we believe education is key. It is our goal to help you navigate the many complexities involved in surrogacy and egg donation, and we are happy to discuss your questions and concerns to help make this journey a bit less overwhelming!