ConceiveAbilities Surrogacy Agency Helps Families Feed Their Infants During Baby Formula Shortage

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Join the #MilkBankChallenge! Donate Breast Milk to Help Families During The Baby Formula Shortage

Your #GivingTuesday Donation Can Make a Profound Impact. Join the #MilkBankChallenge and help us reach our 2022 goal of 500,000 ounces of donor milk. And Listen to our new podcast Is The Infant Formula Shortage Overwith HMBANA Executive Director Lindsay Groff. Learn how your GivingTuesday donation can make a difference.

ConceiveAbilities launches Milk Bank Challenge to help families feed their infants during the baby formula shortage

You can make a difference by donating milk or with a financial donation to your local nonprofit milk bank.

How It Started

In the midst of a national baby formula shortage, many American families are struggling to feed their infants. No parent should ever be faced with the anguish of not knowing how they are going to feed their baby. Inspired by the giving nature of their surrogates, ConceiveAbilities Surrogacy and Egg Donor Agency launched the #MilkBankChallenge, a movement to replenish milk bank supplies across the nation to help these families in need.

Since May, women have donated nearly 350,000 ounces of breast milk. We are so inspired by your gift and because there is still such a need, we are extending the Milk Bank Challenge until December 31, 2022 with a goal of 500,000 ounces.

ConceiveAbilities founder Nazca Fontes and NewsNation's Adrienne Bankert talking about how the Milk Bank Challenge will help families feed their infants.

Watch Nazca Fontes share ConceiveAbilities #MilkBankChallenge with NewsNation's Adrienne Bankert, ConceiveAbilities on WGN in Chicago, Illinois, and on Suncoast View ABC 7 in Tampa, Florida.

Donations are desperately needed at milk banks and, even after this crisis eases, these essential organizations will need to replenish their supplies. Nazca Fontes, founder and CEO of ConceiveAbilities, is providing assistance to encourage able women to donate to a milk bank. All eligible women who answer that call and meet donation requirements will receive a one-time $250 gift card to help with the costs of pumping and donating. “In our work to help build families for the last twenty-five years, we know that many women find purpose in helping other families at a time of great need.” Fontes says. “Like surrogacy, milk banks play a vital role in assisting families. We stand ready to assist all women who are able to help lift up other women and families in their time of need and help provide much needed nutrition to the babies who are in need. While there is much work to be done to address the infant formula shortage, we hope an increase of breast milk donations will be the lifeline these families need at this critical time.”

If you aren’t able to donate milk, you can still make a difference. ConceiveAbilities will also match any financial donation to your local nonprofit milk bank with proof of donation.

Gina-Marie Madow, Director of Legal Services, adds, “Our surrogates are incredibly giving and often donate their breast milk after their surrogacy journey. By inspiring more women to donate, we hope those who are facing this uncertainty can rest easy at night knowing they can provide critical nutrition for their babies.”

How do I donate breast milk?

Step 1. Visit your local milk bank website for instructions on how to donate breast milk.

Step 2. Make a donation to your local milk bank and make a difference!

Step 3. Email showing your generous donation by December 31, 2022. Proof of donation must include the donor’s name, a date and one or more of the following:

  • A photo of you and your milk donation (all photos may be used for promotional purposes to inspire others to join the movement)
  • A copy of the confirmation email sent to you from the milk bank
  • Tracking number sent from milk bank

Step 4. Receive your $250 gift card to help with pumping expenses.

Step 5. Spread the word. More families need women like you! Share and tag @conceiveabilities #MilkBankChallenge.

How do I join the #MilkBankChallenge if I can’t donate milk?

ConceiveAbilities will match your financial donations up to $250 to your local nonprofit milk bank. Send us proof of your 501c3 donation to by December 31, 2022 and we will match it in your honor.

Want to know more about how we support our surrogates who pump for their intended family or donate to milk banks after their surrogacy journeys? Learn more about the importance of the fourth trimester and our innovative All-In Surrogate Care and Compensation Package.

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