ConceiveAbilities Celebrates 20 Years of Modern Family Building Through Egg Donation and Surrogacy

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ConceiveAbilities, one of the most prominent surrogacy and egg donation agencies in the world, is proud to mark 20 years of leadership in the field of third party reproduction. Since opening its doors in 1996, the agency has earned the respect of the nation’s leading fertility experts, having successfully managed thousands of pregnancies with individuals and couples seeking to create their families through egg donation and surrogacy.

The agency has emerged as a global leader by continually meeting the demands of geopolitical, social drivers and global fertility issues. Over the course of the past two decades, the ConceiveAbilities team has matched more than 2,000 parents from six different continents.

“After two decades of growing with our families, ConceiveAbilities is energized and excited about continuing to make a difference with StandOut surrogates and the best and brightest egg donors,” says Nazca Fontes, CEO of ConceiveAbilities.

In its 20th year, ConceiveAbilities is experiencing exponential growth. The agency’s family creation team has been augmented with more personnel to accommodate increased demand. This includes the addition of Linda Hedenberg as Chief Operating Officer, along with other key additions to the management team. The agency has added two new locations in Dallas and Houston in the last six months, with more expansion underway. In addition, a new legal department has been created to meet the needs of more domestic and international families.

ConceiveAbilities is the first agency worldwide to use a proprietary, internally developed matching methodology called Matching Matters™. The Matching Matters process focuses on the art and science of connections, and results in 95% of intended parents being matched with the first surrogate presented, and shortens the average ConceiveAbilities engagement to between 13-18 months (as opposed to 18-24 months with other agencies).

As one parent notes, “It’s striking how different ConceiveAbilities is from other egg donor and surrogacy agencies.”

Throughout its history, ConceiveAbilities has remained true to the core belief that everyone deserves a family. The agency’s continued success is attributed to both its Matching Matters advantage and its focus on modern family advocacy. As the numbers of modern families continue to increase, so does the demand for choice when it comes to family building. ConceiveAbilities is proud to help create modern families for those who are passionate about having children, and to provide an option for women who cannot, or choose not to, become pregnant.

Every family has their own road, and ConceiveAbilities is honored to have taken part in so many journeys.

About ConceiveAbilities
ConceiveAbilities is a globally recognized egg donor and surrogacy agency based in Chicago, Illinois. Strong advocates for modern families, the agency has provided world-class service to intended parents, fertility centers and clinics around the world since 1996. ConceiveAbilities’ high ethical standards have helped earn the respect of leading fertility experts, making it one of the most distinguished agencies worldwide.

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