How Andy Cohen Paved The Way For New York’s First Surrogates

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When talking about surrogacy laws in New York, it is impossible to not mention Andy Cohen and his own journey with surrogacy. Cohen’s daughter, Lucy, was one of the very first babies born in NYC under the new surrogacy laws. Cohen was frustrated by the laws prohibiting gestational surrogacy in his home state, so took matters into his own hands to advocate for surrogacy’s legalization. “I wanted my surrogate to have the baby in New York”, Cohen states, as his motivation to push this law through and get surrogacy legal in New York.

ConceiveAbilities is proud to be among the first surrogacy agencies to be licensed in New York. While we have been helping New York families for decades, we are now able to welcome New York women who want to be surrogates and match New Yorkers with local surrogates as well.


Lace Kitchin is a remarkable woman who has also embarked on an extraordinary path as one of the first surrogates in New York since the recent legalization of surrogacy in the state. Lace is one of the many women paving the way for a new era of surrogacy in New York, where dreams of parenthood can be realized with the help of compassionate surrogates like herself.

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Lace shared how invaluable partnering with an experienced surrogacy agency was for her surrogate journey, “If it weren't for ConceiveAbilities, I truly don't think my dream of being a surrogate would have been as wonderful of an experience as it was. I can't even put into words just how amazing it is to have people who care so deeply for you, consistently show up in unexpected ways, and offer supportive, loving assistance, while you're navigating such a powerfully transcendent season of life.”

Since surrogacy’s legalization in the state, ConceiveAbilities is pleased to offer the top compensation package for New York surrogates. Included in our industry leading All-In Surrogate Care and Compensation Package is: creating successful matches between the right intended family and surrogate, ensuring the right amount of pay without hassle or receipts, providing free legal support to ensure contracts are fair and valid, offering peace of mind insurance coverage with no out of pocket expenses or cost, and expert guidance through the IVF process and embryo transfer.

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