How My Faith Led Me to Becoming A Surrogate

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Brelani Jiminez shares how her faith in god called her to be a surrogate

As told by Brelani Jiminez, ConceiveAbilities Surrogate

Why did you decide to become a surrogate?
I decided to become a surrogate because of two main reasons: I naturally had easy pregnancies/deliveries and I had a desire to share the indescribable feeling when I held my babies for the first time. I decided that I would love to provide this moment for another couple who has been desiring the opportunity to hold their own babies for so long.

What role did your faith play into your decision?
After many years of research, discussions with mentors and a lot of prayer, my husband and I decided to pursue surrogacy for many reasons. We think of this journey as adding to our testimony of how beautiful our God is. We had a feeling coming into this that our Intended Parents would have already had a hard and difficult journey. We prayed God would place us in a position to be a beacon of light and a vessel for the Holy Spirit for not only our intended parents, but for all of those that we would come in contact with along the way. We wanted to be a glimmer of hope and light in what would feel like a dark world - and to have the opportunity to share the love of Jesus to a complete stranger, for it is mentioned in the Bible in Acts 20:35, “In all things I have shown you that by working hard in this way we must help the weak and remember the words of the Lord Jesus, how he himself said, ‘It is more blessed to give than to receive.’” To show others that when science and all that mankind can provide has put everything on the table, there is nothing else to credit besides God.

How did you share your decision to become a surrogate with your religious community?
I decided to share my journey with all (those who are followers of Jesus Christ and those who are not) via social media and by word of mouth. We made this decision to publicly share so that others may find hope in dark places. I love to provide transparency and show others how God has worked absolute wonders in my life and continues to do so everyday. I haven't had the easiest journey as I envisioned having my first transfer being successful. While my journey has actually been a bit difficult, I have been able to publicly show the many ups and downs throughout this part of my life. How God has helped carry me through has been such a blessing. All of what we have been through and continue to go through will be to bring honor and glory to God.

How do you handle negative comments regarding your decision to become a surrogate?
I haven’t had many negative comments regarding my decision to become a surrogate, but I have had a lot of questions brought to my attention. The one negative reaction I can recall was from another Christian who told me that she had a message from God. She shared that surrogacy is the way of this world and to turn my focus on God to share His love and light in other ways. She went on to suggest that the idea of me partaking in surrogacy was a role of “playing God.” The message ended with God understanding where my heart is upon this action and He values this; however, the action is incorrect and taking on the ways of this world. When she shared this message, I was heartbroken and distraught for quite a while.

As many other Christians would agree, I would never want to violate the will of God, let alone dive right into disobedience head first. My intentions were to never attempt to “play God.” My reasoning to pursue surrogacy was the exact opposite; to share the gospel and His love for His children. I wanted to be a light for God in a dark world filled with hurt and brokenness.

Through prayer, reading scripture, meditation, application and some extra prayers, I have come to the realization there will be naysayers, there will be messengers, there will be those who doubt this is the correct way of God’s will. In the end I remember this: my relationship with Jesus Christ and doing the work of the Lord comes down to me, myself, and God.

Was it important for you to match with intended parents of the same faith?
It was not as important for me to match with intended parents of the same faith; however, it is important to me to abide and align myself with what Biblical principles describe as a couple. Being open to all intended parents no matter their faith while aligning within Biblical principles provides an opportunity for me to love God's children, to share the light with those who are willing to listen, and hopefully plant a seed in leading them to Christ.

What would be your one message to potential surrogates struggling with this decision because of their faith?
My one message to women struggling with this decision because of their faith would be: take the leap of faith. Let this be a testimony to God and allow an opportunity to show how powerful and all-knowing He is. As long as your heart posture is in the right place, becoming a surrogate is not an attempt of going against God’s will because, in the end, God still has complete control over all including the results of your surrogacy journey. What better way to demonstrate a glimpse of our Living Hope than to be a vessel for the Holy Spirit and provide a blessing to another couple in a way that could never truly be reciprocated.

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